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“Port Arthur v2”

I guess it should come as much of a surprise to very many people that I’m quite disappointed in most of the results of yesterday’s election in Groves.  To this end, may I assure you I received tons of email and text messages, and refused about a dozen phone call that showed “Unknown”, “Blocked”, et al, in the Caller ID section of my phone.  The one I did take was from a caller who kindly suggested I consider hanging myself from a tree until dead.  I think I’ll just pass on that one.

Karen Theis was about the only bright spot in the election, and her being re-elected to serve in her Ward 2 Council position is possibly the only evidence that some people care enough about their community to have someone in a helm position that cares more about the community than themselves.  That’s the Karen Theis that I know and wish there were more like her; not only in Groves, but in Port Arthur where I live, too.

The successful recall of Councilman Cross Coburn was indeed an important disappointment.  Almost from the get-go, I’ve had reason to believe this whole business in relation to the nude photographs was either orchestrated by fellow City Councilman Kyle Hollier, or Councilman Hollier had something to do with it.  Unfortunately, proving my suspicions is another story.  In retrospect, though, please allow me to say that I’m most pleased that I had the opportunity to meet this young man and that I continue to be very impressed with him; especially in the graceful manner he accepted the results of the vote.  He, too, like Karen Theis, is dedicated to his community and I’m quite sure the City of Groves hasn’t heard the last of him.  Cross, may God speed …

And then there’s this creature.  I think Kyle Hollier should be distinguished as the “Purveyor of Prevarication” for his penchant and ability to conceive some of the most horrendous gossip, rumors, unsubstantiated innuendo and outright lies about other people imaginable!  I think Mr. “Holier-than-Thou” Hollier as an abomination against humanity that I’m really surprised so many people are gullible enough to believe in.  In my opinion, his re-election as Ward 4 City Councilman more than adequately demonstrates those who support him are somehow incapable of determining truth from falsehood; and, are more likely to further demonstrate this in the manner in which they respond to others both in person and in social media.  From my perspective, those who supported Hollier in his quest to literally destroy fellow Councilman Coburn’s reputation in the community by re-electing Hollier will be getting everything they deserve.  Indeed, Kyle Hollier is one of two people in Groves city government I more than ever believe are either taking lessons from Port Arthur, or are trying their damnedest to follow in Port Arthur’s footsteps.

And this is the other one I strongly suspect as taking lessons from Port Arthur, or trying to follow in Port Arthur’s footsteps.  Brad Bailey has had, and continues to hold, a grip over the people of Groves for decades.  Yes, he has done things for the community in the past that perhaps other community leaders have not, but when you look at facts Brad Bailey hasn’t exactly worked to take care of city business in what some would see as a lawful manner.  All this stuff has been hashed out, or soon will be, and perhaps more people in Groves will begin to realize this man is more for himself than he is the Groves community.  It’s all about him, and I wouldn’t be the least surprised to learn somewhere down the road that he has brought about penalties against his city because of his selective compliance with the laws that convenience him, and ignorance of those that don’t.

This is Suzanne Williamson, and I think she is the other bright spot in the Groves election.  I find her attractive, intelligent and genuinely dedicated to making Groves a better place to be.  I’m very impressed with the number of votes cast for her because newcomers into the political arena usually don’t do very well.  However, this wasn’t the case this time around and I can only hope the people of Groves will welcome her as the newly elected Mayor of Groves when she (hopefully) wins the run-off election against incumbent Mayor Brad Bailey.

Oh, yes, and one more thing.  Yes, I will be watching …