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Enough with Social Media

I’ve been involved in social media for quite some time, and noticed how much of what I do in just so happens to result in the amount of unwarranted advertising (spam) collects in my email address.  For this reason, I started paying much closer attention to what I included with regard to personal information in my bios, as well as the content of things I publish.  What I learned is making me seek alternatives.

How to Live Without Google

I think what I found most upsetting about Google is when I learned my roadside assistance service was listed in their search engine.  This happened a number of years ago, and I immediately went about trying to have Google remove reference to it because I never have, nor will I ever, advertise AutoAid.  However, what I learned is even more upsetting.  Google “acquired” my business information from another online program, Facebook.  Facebook, like Google, collects and sells personal and business information behind users’ back completely without the knowledge or consent of those users.  Contrary to what is stated in their privacy policies, whatever is posted into their venues, as well as those also owned by them, becomes their proprietary property they can use for whatever purpose or reason they wish.

Not long ago, I posted a few things in Facebook relating to the lack of privacy people have when using them.  The postings remain in place only a short time before they completely disappeared.  I hadn’t removed them.  But I was told, in a private message, that posting the information violated policies and that continuing to post similar things could result in my account being compromised.  Huh?

How to Send Messages in Private

I’ve been aware for quite some time that Google has access to, and monitors content, of my email.  I know this because quite often the unsolicited advertising (spam) I get in email has a distinct correlation tot he content of recently sent email messages.  I’ve tried to warn others to not use Google mail because I thought that was the only source of email content they did this with, but am wrong.  It seems both Facebook and Google have their little grubbies into a huge variety of different means to keep track of what you do on the Internet, and it isn’t limited to just email.  If you have the time, please use the following links to learn more about how literally everything about you is being harvested and sold to others completely without your knowledge or consent:

Privacy Mythbusting #1:  Nobody else cares about privacy! (Umm, yes they do.)

Privacy Mythbusting #2:  My password keeps me safe. (Not Necessarily!)

Privacy Mythbusting #3:  Anonymized data is safe, right? (Er, no.)

Privacy Mythbusting #4:  I can’t be identified just by browsing a website. (If only!)

Privacy Mythbusting #5:  I own my personal information. (Not as much as you think.)

Privacy Mythbusting #6:  Security equal privacy. (Nope!)

So just remember that much of the Internet has become just a huge source of personal information about just about everyone who works their way through it; and, all at the hands of a relatively few greedy people who seem to think they own it all.

Stay tuned because I’ll have more on this.

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