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Someone in social media said it, and Texas Monthly not only quoted it, they suggested I might want to use it as a “Badge of Honor”.  The comment was that I’m a “loud, obnoxious, know-it-all buttinski“.  Well, you know what?  I do kind of like it, but would prefer to use it saying I’m a “loud, obnoxious, opinionated buttinski“.  Yeah, I like that MUCH better!

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Isn’t it interesting the people who favor insulting others in social media rarely have the you-know-whats to say those things when faced with their targets?  Take Groves City Councilman Kyle Hollier, for instance.  That man has made more derogatory remarks about others, started rumors and gossip about them, decried them using some of the most vulgar nicknames known to mankind, and showered them to others with completely unsubstantiated innuendo.  Yet when he actually does get confronted by one of his verbal victims, he always manages to blame it on someone else who (conveniently) isn’t present to defend themselves.  Don’t ya just love it?

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Speaking of the recently re-elected Groves City Councilman Kyle Hollier, ain’t he cute?  This must be what happens when you give your hair that 30,000 mile oil change and get it trimmed.  When I first saw this, I thought I was looking at the real Colonel Sanders!  Gee, I wonder if this “new look” means he’ll start showing his face back out in public again?

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It started (or finished, depending upon your opinion) with this:

PORT ARTHUR NEWS:  Williamson quits Groves mayoral runoff

This press report finalized what people throughout Groves were just beginning to understand.  The first-time political candidate who took on incumbent Mayor Brad Bailey by garnering enough votes to result in a runoff election, had quit.  And in so doing disappointed numbers of people who thought she would spearhead an effort to bring about productive change within their community.  She talked a good game in social media, but when push came to shove, she caved in, turned tail and ran away.  And nowhere was that disappointment and disbelief expressed better than in these two columns in the Port Arthur News:

PORT ARTHUR NEWS:  Groves mayor candidate quits before she starts

PORT ARTHUR NEWS:  Rich Macke:  Hope in Groves was short lived

Even though Suzanne Williamson stated in her withdrawal statement that she was neither “paid off” or intimidated, I’m told that she was indeed intimidated by being told to “watch her back” in relation to some discoveries she made relating to the City of Groves and the TCEQ.  Apparently the threats were enough to make her go out and buy a gun, in addition to withdrawing from the runoff election.  But this also clearly demonstrated that she can be influenced, and that isn’t anything people want representing them in government.  They already have more than enough of that in county, state and federal government.  So, in the end, maybe it is best she got out before actually winning the race.

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And this is the other disappointment in Groves.  Cross Coburn was clearly duped into providing someone he thought of as a potential gay companion in an online gay dating website.  Unfortunately for Coburn, whomever that person was just happened to be at least a part of a scheme to shame him and make him look bad in front of the people of Groves primarily because he is openly Gay.  You can read the rest of the story here:

TEXAS MONTHLY:  Catfishing and Conspiracy in Groves

NEW YORK TIMES:  A Gay Councilman in Texas, Ousted From Office, Says He Was Blackmailed With Naked Photos

I think Cross Coburn showed promise to Groves in that what the community needs most is fresh faces with fresh ideas to take Groves into the future.  But some simply couldn’t stand having that competition, and of that competition, one person stands out as either having been behind the effort to shame Cross Coburn, or at least had something to do with it.  Unfortunately, the chances of substantiating this are next to none due to an overall lack of evidence.  Oh, well …

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There may be another Groves Councilman who could be finding out his days are numbered, too.  Groves City Councilman Sidney Badon has been the third cog in the political wheel that’s held the Groves community in its grasp for years.  I never considered Councilman Badon as much of a leader, but thought of him more as a puppet for Mayor Brad Bailey and Councilman Kyle Hollier.  They needed Badon as that all-necessary “third vote” so they (Baily and Hollier) could control the Groves City Council.  II also think they fed him a little something every once in awhile so he’d think himself important and continue his support of the other two.

This, however, could come to an end if and when a replacement is appointed to replace recalled ex-City Councilman Cross Coburn.  You can bet your bottom dollar whomever is selected will be all “buddy, buddy” with both Bailey and Hollier, and thus give them continued control over the community.  In other words, they won’t need Badon any more, and Badon could well find himself on the outside looking in.  Now, would that really surprise anyone (other than Badon)?

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