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Groves Hits the Big Time!

Just in case there remains any number of people that the business of recalling Cross Coburn is only a local issue, perhaps they’d like to see what’s being published around areas outside their tiny Texas community:

NBC NEWS:  Catfished in the bayou? Gay councilman, 19, ousted after nude photos leaked

Wake Up Beaumont:  Cross Coburn VS Homophobia

QUEERTY:  Someone sent this city councilman’s private Grindr pics to City Hall

instinct:  Out Texas Councilman Loses Seat After Nude Photos From Grindr Lead To His Recall

Star-Telegram:  19-year-old Texas city councilman outed for nude photos says he’s done nothing wrong

CROWDPAC:  Don’t Let Bigotry Stand. Defeat the Recall!

New York Post:  Gay teen councilman dismisses leaked nude photos as smear campaign

BALLOTPEDIA:  Cross Coburn Recall, Groves, Texas (2018) 

HORNET:  This Gay Teen Served a Year on City Council, Only to Be Recalled Over Leaked Nude Pics

TOWLEROAD:  19-Year-Old Gay City Councilman’s Nude Grindr Photos Mailed to City Hall in Shaming Attempt:  WATCH

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