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Losing Hope

Today the people of Groves, Texas, had the hope for change in city government taken right out of their grasps.  Suzanne Williamson, who was to have been in a runoff election with incumbent Mayor Brad Bailey, suddenly and without warning withdrew.   She stated:


After sitting with the election results for almost a week to carefully think about them and digest them, I have decided to withdraw my name from the ballot in the Groves Mayoral Race.

This was a very hard decision.

Our city has been under a lot of scrutiny and heavy issues for some time now and after taking the time to reflect on the out come of the election, the fact is that the majority of the registered voters in Groves did not vote. And based on actual voting numbers and the results of the other positions being voted on, the people of Groves have stated with their votes that they prefer to stay with what they have.

There are about 9500 registered voters in Groves. About 3900 voted in the Mayoral position and 3500-3800 in the other races.

In the Mayoral race, I received 1813 votes and Mayor Bailey received 1914 votes. Which was not a 50%+ majority for either of us. It was 101 votes difference. And the third candidate got the rest of the votes.

A win for me in my book as someone who is not a lifelong resident and who has no political experience.

When I started this campaign, I wanted to win by a landslide. Or lose by very little.

I know that people voted their ideals and their conscience. And the majority (60%) that did NOT vote, also sent me a loud message that change is not near on the horizon.

And now I am exercising my ideals and conscience too as I withdraw.

I believe, based on everything I’ve heard from the citizens of Groves, that they are tired of how things are and wanted a change. A change that I fully support and believe in but no longer believe is achievable by me based on the Election Day results of one particular re-elected incumbent as well as the appointment for Ward 1 that will soon take place. I believe that any change that might have been possible will likely now not occur with a bloc of 3 votes that I believe will always occur.

It would not be right for me to continue on with a campaign when I now believe that the achievable vision I was working under based on what I thought was possible I no longer see for me based on last Tuesday’s results.

I have met so many great and beautiful people and it has been my extreme honor to have the possibility to represent you.

I encourage everyone who has gotten inspired to get involved, go to council meetings, ask questions, demand answers, read budgets, dig ditches and anything else you can think of to go out and do it.

I thank you all for your support and words of kind encouragement. I have made many friends along the way and count that as the best win of all! 

I will continue to stand up for a better Groves just in a different way.

God bless you all!

Shame on you, Suzanne Williamson, for giving the people of Groves a glimmer of hope that things could be changed for the better.  You garnered a tremendous amount of respect and integrity from the people as you charged forward to address the issues of drainage and deteriorating city streets.  And your credibility rose with each and every passing day as you withstood the personal attacks leveled against you by Brad Bailey, Kyle Hollier and all their mouthy little two-faced cronies.  But today you deliberately threw all that away.

I’m over it. I am very disappointed in Williamson dropping out. She could have helped a lot…basically she let down all those folks who voted for her, I just don’t get it. Selfish move, so I guess that is probably best since obviously she is like the rest of them, no heart to be a public servant. Just my opinion.


I wonder if she got paid off?


My wife and I are both pretty pissed about it, but I’m sure suzanne was crying as she was typing it out. She became too uncomfortable and just couldn’t stick it out. She probably started saying or doing things that’s out of her character and did not care for what she was becoming, but politics is dirty business and you have to be above it or you will succumb to it. It’s tough.


Don’t know, she seems to claim that since the good ol boys will control ward 1 then she will be outnumbered as mayor and her agenda won’t be able to be pushed. So she steps down????? Cmon now!  ‘I know I would have won’ showed up twice in her comments.


Groves will continue to slowly deteriorate and that’s what people voted for.

And from Suzanne Williamson herself:

I would have won there is no doubt….that has nothing to do with it. I have an extreme issue with the fact that people who know exactly what Hollier is voted him in by a landslide. And knew that Coburn’s recall was a fraud still voted him out……so now we have Baden, Hollier and what ever else good ole boy they appoint….this is not change. I will not sit up there bashing my head against a wall for $500 a year when people had the chance to get rid of this but they don’t want to be rid of it…..I think you can understand what I’m saying……and if one more person sends me a nasty message saying I’m a quitter, I’m going to punch them in the face. WTF have they done?

What they’ve done, Suzanne, is had faith in you. Don’t you worry your pretty little head off about ever trying to win it back.

On another note, word has it that Bailey and Hollier are already coughing around who they want to “select” to replace the ousted Cross Coburn.  From an insider comes this:

Oh they already are leaning toward one of their goons. Mark McAdams Or Holly Horton. How much you want to bet McAdams gets it?

Nuff said …


  1. Kay Rougeou says:

    I was very saddened to hear that she had quit. Groves needs to get moving forward again….new businesses, repaired infrastructure, new ideas to draw people to this area… a place that new families want to call home. I believed that she was the one who could put us on that road. Guess not.


    • JCBP says:

      If there is but one factor that stands out in Suzanne Williamson’s concession statement, it is that this is no longer “for the community”, but for her instead. I think the people of Groves have every right to be upset with her. She, all by herself, tricked them into having faith in her and what she could do. They believed in her, and held her as a champion in their cause. And then in the end, even before the last battle was fought, she quit! And she quit for purely personal reasons. Her decision didn’t have anything to do with the community; it was all about her. Not only is this just plain wrong, it’s an act of cowardice!

      Once upon a time, she told me that if she didn’t win this election, that she’d probably have to leave Groves altogether. Well, considering what she just did to destroy the hope the people of Groves had in her, I’d say she’d best start packing her bags and getting a mover.

      And, too, she’s angry because people are lashing out against her in person, by phone and texting, and in social media. Last night she commented how that if one more person spoke unkindly to her, she would slap them in the face. Just what in the hell did she expect? Of course people are disappointed. Of course they’re going to let her know about it. And once again, this is all about her and not the people who she so suddenly let down. That’s the message that needs to be delivered in Groves. This is all about her!


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