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Proof is in the Pudding (Pictures)

Jill Swearingen Pierce, the attorney handling the Cross Coburn case, announced via her Facebook page that she has received evidence demonstrating some underhandedness, if not illegal, activity on the part of Groves Mayor Brad Bailey (et al).  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is involved in the matter, and the City of Groves has been cited.  Below is a compilation of the photographs posted by Ms. Swearingen Pierce:

As I said, the “Proof is in the Pudding (Pictures)”.  Now the people of Groves really have something to think about as they go to the polls.  I hope they remember that this could end up costing the City of Groves hundreds, thousands or even millions of taxpayer dollars.  And, I’m now thoroughly convinced the City of Groves has not only been taking lessons from Port Arthur, but following in Port Arthur’s footsteps, too!

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