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The Choice is Yours

I really feel sorry for the people of Groves, Texas, as Election Day rapidly approaches.  They will have to make a choice between keeping things as they are with the current members of city government, or welcoming fresh faces with proactive fresh ideas to lead the community into the future.  But I’m afraid it may all boil down to who believes what the new candidates are saying, or are willing to listen to the false information being spewed by proponents of those seeking re-election.

Brad Bailey

Brad Bailey is the current Mayor of Groves and for the first time in years is being challenged.  The one thing that stands out in my mind, and would be the simple reason why I would never vote for anyone like Bailey, is that I have yet to hear him say three little words when he campaigns:  “for the community“.  Furthermore, because of his behavior and participation in the recall petition to remove another member of City Council, I feel Bailey is openly willing to skirt laws to protect his own interests.

Suzanne Williamson

Suzanne Williamson is challenging Brad Bailey in her quest to become the next Mayor of Groves.  I find her a very interesting person to talk to, and a charming lady at that.  She seems dedicated to the community and looks forward to working to resolve at least some of the issues facing it at this time.  Were I a resident of Groves and able to cast a ballot in this election, I would most certainly vote for her.

Cross Coburn

Cross Coburn is the subject of a recall vote.  I think it would be a serious mistake to have this young man removed from office based upon the gossip, rumors, unsubstantiated innuendo and outright lies being told about him.  Yes, he is openly Gay; and, I believe it is because he is Gay that the recall effort came about in the first place.  Not because he hasn’t any common sense; and, not because he doesn’t use good judgment.  But because he is openly Gay.

But in speaking with Mr. Coburn, you soon realize he cares deeply for the Groves community and looks forward to addressing the problems within it.  He’s a good speaker and didn’t have any problem trying to do things even though three other members of City Council were willing to work so diligently to get him thrown out of office.

Yes, I would vote against recalling him.

Karen Theis

Karen Theis is the ONLY sitting member of the Groves City Council that I’d vote to re-elect.  She’s a sweetheart of a lady and one that I believe also cares deeply about her community.  I think it’s pathetic that she’s been, and continues to be, the subject of gossip, rumors, outright lies and unsubstantiated innuendo.

Daniel J Diaz

Mr. Diaz, another newcomer to the local political scene, is seeking election to replace Kyle Hollier as the Council representative for Ward 4.  He’s an extremely intelligent man who shares a love for the community all but ignored by his opponent.  Would I vote for him?  Most definitely YES!

Kyle Hollier

And then there’s Kyle Hollier, the seated Councilman being challenged by Mr. Diaz.  Kyle Hollier is a case in and of himself, and is the kind of person who will stoop to doing damned near anything to demean others and cause harm to their character and reputation.  I found him to be the source of many of the rumors, gossip, outright lies and unsubstantiated innuendo, directed at others.  I think he’s so wrapped up in himself that he hasn’t time for petty little things like paying any attention to his constituents.

In a recent interview with the Port Arthur News, Hollier stated

“Communication is key for issues that arise in our city. The city website has all of the information Citizens need to communicate with the city and their Council representative. My personal cell number is on the city website so you can communicate with me. As always citizens can speak at any council meeting and can be heard. I answer my phone.”

Nice comments, but quickly challenged by another Groves resident:

“Mr. Hollier talks about communication yet he has chosen to block any citizen that supports Suzanne Williamson.  He was not attacked, provoked, antagonized, etc.  I don’t see that being full transparent.  ‘Hollier – Communication is key for issues that arise in our city.  The city website has all of the information Citizens need to communicate with the city and their Council representative.  My personal cell number is on the city website so you can communicate with me.  As always citizens can speak and can be heard.  I answer my phone.’

“Mr. Hollier, if ‘all of your opponents suggestions are being done now and for years in some cases’, why is the city in such bad shape?  Why is Mr. Sosa the only one addressing issues outside of the council meetings?  Why have you blocked citizens that want to hear from you and your other council members?  Of course, we can meet one-on-one but my questions are the same as everyone else..  In fact, they may have more questions for you.  Can you answer these publicly for all to see instead of blocking supporters of Suzanne Williamson?”

Do I have to tell you there wasn’t any response from Councilman Hollier?

In closing, I have to say that I wonder what Kyle Hollier would do were someone to start a vicious rumor about him?  Nothing fanciful, just something simple.  Like “Have you ever driven by his photography studio down on 39th Street and noticed how he has all the windows covered with black paper or something like it?  Gee, I wonder what he does in there on those few times he actually visits his studio?  Do you think he’s in there getting off to all the pictures he’s taken over the years of young girls posing for events and stuff?”

I betcha Mr. Hollier wouldn’t like it any better than the people he spreads the rumors, gossip lies and innuendo about.

And one more thing.  Never in my lifetime would I EVER waste a vote on someone like Kyle Hollier!  END OF STORY!

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