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Maybe Something New is Coming?

One of the benefits I enjoy in my business is that I get to meet people from all over and often spend a little time talking with them about where they’re from, what they do and if they are just visiting our area or planning a more permanent stay.  So it should come as no surprise that earlier today I had the opportunity to unlock a vehicle belonging to two gentlemen from the Houston area who are looking into the availability of commercial development properties in our mid and south county areas.

The two gentlemen are partners in a small corporation with facilities located throughout Texas, offering clientèle highly specialized relaxation services.  Depending upon which of a series of package treatments are selected, clientèle can enjoy almost everything from a simple body massage to a full treatment including time in a sauna using lightly salted water, sweating it out in a sauna, and followed up with a complete body message including the use of special oils and hot rocks.  The idea for their business was the result of a trip they took to Hot Springs, Arkansas, years ago during which they took in the spas available there.

What makes this organization stand out from other similar offerings is that the company employs exclusively members of the LGBTQ community.  These two gentlemen, who describe themselves as Gay, explain they find people of these persuasions to be far more sensitive to the needs and feelings of their clientèle and because of this are far more attentive to the clientèle than are their non-LGBTQ counterparts.  Obviously they must have struck something in this as their corporation is quite large and seeking to expand even into smaller areas like ours.

As they expressed to me in our conversation is they are looking for commercial properties upon which they can construct a building something along the idea of the one pictured above (the one pictured above is for demonstration purposes only and does not reflect what the actual building would look like) and have enough room to provide adequate parking space for their clientèle.  Although they haven’t been in our area very long, they say they are impressed with a few locations in Groves that they will take into consideration prior to making a final location choice.  One such location is on Monroe between Main Avenue and Twin City Highway, another near the intersection of 39th Street and Main Avenue, and a third on the north side of Gulfway west of Main Avenue.  The preferred location at this point is the last one beside Gulfway Drive.

When I ask, the gentlemen requested that I not reveal the name of their organization, nor their names.  They told me that they prefer not to attract any attention before they sit down with local officials to determine what may be needs to acquire the respective property and secure the permits need to initiate the construction process.  I recommended that when that time comes they may do best to visit with the respective Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Corporations so perhaps they could become privy to more lucrative offerings and discounts they may not become aware of otherwise.

Right now the focus is on Groves, but I suspect they will consider other mid/south county communities as well.  Personally speaking, I’d think this new type of business being introduced into Groves would be a good thing as it would add to the local economy.  I also believe that it could serve to draw people into the area that will visit other places in surrounding communities as well.

What do you think?

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