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Does Port Arthur Really Need More Affordable Housing?

The question should whether Port Arthur expects a future of realistic redevelopment or does it seek to become the low-rent capital of the nation?  A couple of articles in the Port Arthur News went into detail quite well reasoning that Port Arthur already has more than its share of affordable housing, and that further development of more could actually not be beneficial to the community.

Rich Macke: More Affordable Housing in Port Arthur? No

It’s great to build, but to what end?

The fact is that Port Arthur isn’t very much different from hundreds of other similar-sized cities all over America each struggling to encourage new businesses and industries to locate, or relocate, there.  The difference between Port Arthur and those other cities is that Port Arthur is more willing to spend valuable resources on get-rich-quick schemes and low-rent/low-cost housing than it is worrying about such things as the deplorable condition of city streets and roadways, the crumbling infra-structure, abandoned or destroyed buildings scattered about the landscape, and a myriad to other things that make our city look more like a dump than a livable place to be. And, quite frankly, very few people want to see this type of housing come to their neighborhood.

I really have to wonder just how long it will be before our city’s government and administration admit the future of the city is rapidly becoming very bleak?  In one article listed above, comments were that Mayor Freeman is against more affordable housing, too.  That’s a good start, but talking about it is a far cry from doing something about it.  Furthermore, because so few registered Port Arthur voters are likely to turn out to vote, there isn’t much chance of seeing the changes Port Arthur needs to become more attractive to businesses and industries that could bring valuable jobs in.

What this all boils down to, ladies and gentlemen, is that little is going to change our landscape until the people of this city get up off their dead, condescending butts and vote for change.  When push comes to shove, there isn’t anyone to blame for Port Arthur becoming a dismal community other than the people themselves.  And each and every one of them that complains the loudest about how things are around here has more excuses for not voting than Carter has little pills.  Until they get over it, and start honoring their responsibilities as members of our community, what we have to look forward to is almost as dismal as is our landscape.

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