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Port Arthur’s New Top Cop

Meet Tim Duriso, Port Arthur’s latest Chief of Police.  As the following links demonstrate, Chief Duriso has a long history in law enforcement and will hopefully provide the people of Port Arthur an agency committed to the community instead of puppets for the special interests of certain people on City Council.

KFDM 6 NEWS:  DEA’s Tim Duriso will become Port Arthur’s new police chief

PORT ARTHUR NEWS:  Tim Duriso named Port Arthur police chief

What I’ve received in comments from talking to several people throughout the community, there aren’t many still around who worked with Mr. Duriso back when he was with the PAPD, or knew of him otherwise.  Still, the remarks I did get were generally favorable, and one in particular sticks out in my mind. It’s comes from someone involved with PAPD:

“He was a lieutenant when I hired on.  He learned police work the old fashioned way – get the bad guys and lock them the hell up!  He never dabbled in politics when he was there.  He was a good cop and had his guys back of they were right.  He never took any BS off of anyone and I don’t think he will be the PD political arm for city council.  I do think he will make a great chief and will turn the department around.

He;s a cops cop.”

This, all by itself, is enough to make me throw my support toward Chief Duriso and hope the rest of the Port Arthur community does as well.

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