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I think it’s going to become quite interesting now that word is beginning to circulate that Groves Mayor Bailey and City Councilmen Badon and Hollier can expect to be challenged for their government positions as each comes up for re-election.  Interesting in that a number of Groves residents are wondering just what spin their very own “Purveyor of Misconception and Misleading Information”, City Councilman Kyle Hollier will create to spread gossip and rumors relating to the challengers?  Maybe he’ll again accuse them of being gay, or of trying to take over city government for their own personal gain.  Perhaps he may toss in some gossipy innuendo or unsubstantiated rumors to add frosting to his tale-telling cake.  Why knows, but I think enough people in Groves have already seen through his egotistic smoke screen and will demonstrate their disgust by electing someone else to replace him.

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Here’s one for the “Shot Yourselves in the Foot” file.  If there is anyone to point fingers at as to why Port Arthur remains stuck with the dilapidated, aging and decomposing KCS locomotive sitting idly alongside Gulfway Drive, look only as far as John Beard, Jr. and the members of our beloved (?) City Council who blew almost the only chance they had to alleviate the city of this monstrosity.

PORT ARTHUR NEWS:  KCS 503: a symbol of what we have become

PORT ARTHUR NEWS:  Preservationist:  KCS Engine 503 ‘condemned’ to rot at park

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I guess because I come from another part of the nation, I tend to think differently than do those who have been here all their lives.  So when the question of drainage and flooding come into view, I have to ask if anyone ever bothers to remember that much of this area is located on a Coastal Plain, and is barely above sea level?  Because of this, and the stark realization that you can pump out just so much water before everything backs up and causes massive flooding issues, someone should be asking why in the heck anyone would continue to rebuild after each and every disaster that strikes the region?  How many times of having everything you own destroyed, only to rebuild it time and time again, only to have it destroyed all over again with the next weather disaster?  One would think the people would wise up and head for higher ground.  But not around here.

PORT ARTHUR NEWS:  Public enemy No. 1: Port Arthur flooding

Along with this is the fact that contrary to popular belief, the cities, county and state are only responsible for maintaining ditches more than four feet deep.  Shallower ditches are the responsibility of property owners, and simply driving around some of the areas where flooding most often takes place will show that many residential area ditches either have been filled in (I guess they’re too hard to mow), driveways have been installed without culverts to allow water to drain through them, or existing culverts are almost unusable because of the piles of dirt and other debris clogging them.  But rather than take on these responsibilities, it’s easier to blame government than to admit some people are just too damned lazy to honor their own responsibilities.

KFDM 6 NEWS:  Port Arthur officials and Drainage District 7 address drainage issues

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I guess congratulations are in order for yet another outstanding Port Arthur resident.  Word originally had it that David Jones, a social media instigator promoting division and racial separation, has now garnered a position on the FBI’s Watch List.  Contrary to what Jones claims in his various social media groups, this has now been confirmed so he can claim it to be lies until he’s blue in the face (or that cute mask he supposedly wears turns blue … whichever).

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Racism is a social disease that has plagued Port Arthur for years, and shows no signs of going away any time soon.  That’s because the two most prominent ethnic groups in the city are far too busy promoting separation and division among the people of Port Arthur; and, each perpetuates the distrust and hatred of the other at every corner.

The primary reason why Port Arthur has little chance of ever becoming much more than it is right now is because no new businesses, and no new industries, want to consider coming to Port Arthur because of Port Arthur’s racial division.  Inasmuch as Port Arthur in many ways isn’t much more different from hundreds of other similar sized cities throughout the nation, the city isn’t doing a damned thing to make itself more attractive to new businesses and industries.  Our people, our government and our city administration, are just too damned busy fighting each other than are they willing to work together towards a common goal.  Until this changes, Port Arthur continues headed down a path leading towards complete collapse.

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