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Do You Think They Knew?

The dictionary defines “quorum” as:

  1. the number of members of a group or organization required to be present to transact business legally,usually a majority.
  2. particularly chosen group.

This is important because I’ve received information from a reliable source relating to a meeting having been witnessed that was attended by Groves Mayor Bailey and Councilmen Badon and Hollier under the canopy at the Sundara Coffee House & Grill this past Saturday morning.  This place is located at the intersection of 39th Street and Lincoln Avenue, in Groves.

What makes this “gathering of the minds” so interesting is that even though they may say they met purely by coincidence, I question that in that I have to wonder what the statistical chances would be that these three men could all just happen to be at the very same location, on the very same day, and at the very same time?  Furthermore, in that the meeting of these three men satisfies the definition of a “quorum“, as defined above, it then constitutes a meeting clearly in violation of Texas Open Meetings provisions.  I also believe the meeting was organized to deliberately discuss city business in the absence of the remaining members of city government, City Council members Cross Coburn and Karen Theis.

I’m quite sure were anyone to take these concerns to Mayor Bailey or Councilmen Badon and Hollier, at least one of them would come up with some cock-and-bull line of garbage explaining away how the meeting could have been illegal.  However, anyone who has been closely following the developments having taken place since the petition drive to demand the recall of City Councilman Cross Coburn and subsequently make it possible for him to be forced to leave his City Council petition, have placed the City of Groves in a hazardous legal position.  For instance, only recently a lawsuit was filed because a handwriting expert hired by Mr. Coburn’s attorney gave evidence that “numerous signatures are forged“.  The now pending lawsuit brings into question the integrity of the signed petitions and could be the basis for further legal action against the City of Groves and its governmental officials.

Please remember, ladies and gentlemen, these are my opinions based upon information I’ve received from reliable sources, or are matters I have been able to confirm as being true and accurate.  You, too, are entitled to your own opinion in this and other related matters.  And it’s your business how you derive your opinions.  My only hope is that the people of Groves see through this smoke-screen being fed them by the very same city officials they (the people) elected to represent them in government.  Perhaps only then will the people realize how these three members of city government have literally taken control over the community just as have the majority of Port Arthur’s elected city government officials.  Groves residents should all be asking themselves if they want their community to continue following in the footsteps of Port Arthur?  They can answer this question by casting their ballots in upcoming elections to vote these offensive officials out of office once and for all.


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