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A Mouth that Roars

Just as expected, it didn’t take David Jones very long to respond to what was said in an earlier posting (When the Mouth Overloads the Brain).  And also as expected, Mr. Jones responded using his usual name-calling and brow-beating style.  I received the following from a number of JCBP followers:

‎David Jones‎ to PORT ACRES INFO
1 hr ·
***MJ Ponsegrau aka Mr. Bi-Polar. No honor amount thieves. He talks about Carl Parker and Tiffany Hamilton!!!!!!!!***

Ok, Rich Macke, Publisher and company are so bent out of shape that we kept exposing a picture of the video HE RECORDED of he and a friend urinating in a bathroom that Macke struck back. He got his daughter to come after me on social media, played the victim in his editorial about his problems he bought on himself, and now has enlisted mercenary journalist, MJ Ponsegrau; to make up a shock story about some feds are watching me for my post.

Let me tell you about MJ Ponsegrau. He is a snake/ fake journalist/ fake politician. He goes to BOTH SIDES of the political spectrum and try to drop information.

Let me tell you how stupid he and his buddies are. MJ were in my DMs “snitching!” How can you be so stupid that you want to break bad with me and forget you post all kinds of trash about Parker and Tiffany Hamilton. He’s just a low life snake that has no loyalty.

This is how stupid the people in politics are. There is no reason why we can’t take this city back. The people that’s trying to take back control are confiding in bipolar snitch journalist. I have posted the conversations he had with me and others. Notice how MJ wants to throw rocks and hide his hands and he makes the comment to keep his name out of the news. He wants to play news man but don’t want the problems.

Any hopes of being a politician is over because you are burned on BOTH sides… I guess business for Auto Aid will be rather slow if you’re still in business.

Gee, David, a “mercenary journalist“?  I’m flattered.  What other honors will you bestow upon me, David?  Something laden with filthy language hanging on my front door?  Vehicles vandalized in the middle of the night?  Am I getting close?

But you know what, David?  You’ve never been able to recognize that what I write is based solely upon my opinion.  Last I heard, I have a right to have an opinion and to express it, too.  So when you say something like, “the people that’s trying to take back control“, I’m afraid I don’t know who you’re talking about.  Perhaps you’d like to explain it to me.

I’m not going to waste much more time on your condescending dribble, David, because I think it would be a waste of my time and effort.  This is simply because I have no room for those I think of as hate-mongers who would rather see a divided Port Arthur than a community willing to work together towards a better future.  Contrary to your preachings, I think Port Arthur could again reach greatness were we all to work together.

Oh, and one more thing, David.  At this point I don’t consider myself an aspiring politician.  Although I am considering a run for Mayor of Port Arthur, it’s going to be a spell before I decide that one way or the other.  You see, I want to talk to people to hear their perspectives face-to-face, and not posting pictures of myself wearing a black robe, carrying a machete and covering my face with a smiling, sinister mask.  You see, David, the difference between you and me is that I want a stronger community; not one divided upon whatever lines you seem to think are the “two sides“.  In my opinion, we are all one with one common goal.

In reality, David, I feel sorry for you.  I’ve never been able to understand how one person could continue to thrive on hatred and disdain for anyone willing to express an opinion different from their own.  I’m sure that in the long run, God will have a place for you, too, David; although I don’t think myself qualified to say where that might be.


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