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Chapter 5: Finale

It’s now time for the Jefferson County Beer Party to leave the matters surrounding Groves City Councilman Cross Coburn in the hands of the people of Groves.  In retrospect, I cannot make myself believe this entire fiasco is because Mr. Coburn is openly gay, and hasn’t much of anything to do with his allegedly using poor judgment or lacking common sense in relation to the nude photographs of him that were anonymously sent to the City of Groves and, later, specific members of our local news media.

Most disturbing in all this is that no one, absolutely no one, is interested in learning who duped Councilman Coburn into producing and transmitting nude photographs of himself via an online gay dating website.  One would reasonably expect the people of the community would be interesting in learning just who is so devious and short-sighted as to trick someone into thinking they are a potential gay suitor and then requesting nude photos from them.  In that the perpetrator has managed to get away with this act in this case simply opens the door for them to play similar games with the character and reputation of others.  So the question then becomes who will their next victim, or victims, be?

If there has been a single person whom I feel more responsible for promoting this entire matter as a gay issue, it has to be fellow City Councilman Kyle Hollier.  From the very start, Councilman Hollier began openly referring to Councilman Coburn as “dickpic“.   Even though now Councilman Hollier is declaring publicly that he hasn’t even seen the nude photographs in question, this contradicts statements he made after having learned of them via special meetings with Groves Mayor Brad Bailey.  Which story you choose to believe is up to you, the reader, because I’m already convinced Councilman Hollier is also of questionable character.

In a second instance, I also have concerns regarding how I was told that Gene Venable supposedly told Kyle Hollier that he (Venable) could get enough signatures on recall petitions to force the recall of Councilman Coburn from taking those petitions to three local churches.  In the first place, since when do religious organizations give a hoot what people do in their private lives or whether they demonstrate good judgment or us common sense?  The answer is they don’t.  But enter into the discussion that someone is gay (an alternative lifestyle and sexual preference) and the matter has then a whole new meaning.  Most religions agree that a gay lifestyle violates the teaching of God; and, thereby gives basis to why so many church members would be willing to sign recall petitions.

Please remember, ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t the first time Groves City Councilman Kyle Hollier has accused someone of being gay and of having wronged the community.  Think back when he went after another member of the Groves City Council, Karen Theis, accusing her of failing to pay several thousand dollars in water bills because “she didn’t feel City Council members should have to pay for city services.”  The truth in the matter is that Karen Theis was suffering from some severe medical problems at the time and yes, her water bills didn’t get paid for quite some time.  However, what Councilman Hollier fails to bother telling people is that Ms. Theis has subsequently paid all those overdue water bills, and continues to this day to makeup payments on other bills that had to be set aside so she could receive the medical treatments she needed at the time.

But Groves City Councilman Kyle Hollier doesn’t stop here.  He’s also promoted a line of BS that describes fellow Council member Theis of wanting to run for Mayor.  According to Hollier, Karen Theis is responsible for getting Councilman Cross Coburn elected, and once she (Theis) has been elected Mayor, she will “appoint” her gay lover, who Hollier says is none other than Councilman Coburn’s mother, to fill her (Theis’) vacated City Council seat.  That would give then Mayor Theis enough votes to control City Council and she could then channel city funds into her downtown place of business that would eventually end up in her own back pocket.  BULL SMUCKERS!

Number One:  Neither Karen Theis, nor Cross Coburn’s mother, is gay.  Number Two: Karen Theis has no interest whatsoever in seeking election to the position as Mayor of the City of Groves.  Number Theis because Cross Coburn’s mother doesn’t even live in the same City Council District.  And, according to Cross Coburn’s mother and step-father, they haven’t any intention of selling their present home just so she can fill a vacated City Council seat!

So what does all this tell you about Groves City Councilman Kyle Hollier?  I can only hope that it brings into question just how unethical and unorthodox Groves City Councilman Kyle Hollier is in his apparent willingness to make up stories and lies about others, including accusing them of being gay, simply because he doesn’t like them.  May I then ask is if this is the kind of person you want playing a part in the future of the City of Groves?

But before closing, I want you to think about something else, too.  I want each of you to take special notice that City Councilman Kyle Hollier, as well as the wives of Mayor Bailey and fellow City Councilman Badon, each individually circulated copies of the recall petitions.  I’m sure those wives did so at the insistence of their husbands.  This is in, and of itself, unethical behavior on the part of elected city officials.  And if the people of Groves allow this unethical behavior on the part of their elected officials to continue, then Groves has become no better than its neighboring community, Port Arthur.  In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least were Mayor Bailey and Council members Badon and Hollier to have been taking lessons from their counterparts in Port Arthur to learn how to pull this stuff off.

Boy!  Am I ever happy I don’t live in Groves, Texas.  Port Arthur may have its problems, but at least the people of Port Arthur aren’t so biased and bigoted as to have a bug up their rear-hind-quarters because someone has chosen an alternative lifestyle.

PS:  Only of late have I been informed that prior to this I had been misspelling Kyle Hollier’s last name, and I apologize for that error.


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