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Chapter 4: The Groves Comedy of Errors

If the matters relating to the nude photographs sent anonymously of Groves City Councilman Cross Coburn weren’t so serious, this whole matter would actually be laughable.  I doubt those who seem so destined to destroy the character and reputation of Councilman Coburn are even slightly aware they are demonstrating the very same lack of common sense and good judgment they accuse Councilman Coburn of.  The most recent over reaction to the matter took place in a recent Groves City Council meeting where Mayor Brad Bailey lost his cool and lashed out a Coburn’s attorney Jill Pierce.

KFDM 6 NEWS:  Groves petition drive process to remove councilman is questioned

I would have thought that the Mayor of a City, in this case Brad Bailey, would have more control over themself and not create the outburst shown in the video.  Mayors are elected to take control over their communities, and if this is the best Groves Mayor Brad Bailey can do, then perhaps the people of Groves should start thinking about getting someone else for the job.

Another person whose integrity I question is Groves City Councilman Kyle Holier.  Councilman Holier is the man who quickly started referring to fellow City Councilman Coburn as “dickpic” soon after the first packet of nude photographs had been received by the City of Groves.  What kind of responsible representative of the people on a city council would lower themselves to calling a fellow council member such a deplorable name?  And, Mr. Holier did so to almost anyone within hearing distance of him.  Tell me this demonstrated good moral character?  But this wasn’t the first time Holier made comments about someone, in this case, openly gay.  He’s made reference so many time about the alleged gay lifestyle of other Groves residents including another fellow Council member, Karen Theis.  So often, in fact, that some people think to this day that she is gay even though she herself will attest nothing could be further from the truth.

In another instance, Holier started telling people that Council member Karen Theis has designs on taking over Groves city government for the sole purpose of being able to direct more city funds into the downtown area, thus putting more dollars into her back pocket via her business located there.  According the story Holier tells, Ms. Theis is a lesbian and her lover is Cross Coburn’s mother.  Allegedly under this plan, Ms. Theis made arrangements for Mr. Coburn to be elected to City Council; and, that when she (Ms. Theis) runs for Mayor she will have to vacate her City Council seat.  At that time, she will engineer getting Mr. Coburn’s mother into her vacated City Council position.  This all sounds all well and good except that Cross Coburn’s mother doesn’t live in the Council district Ms. Theis lives in, and would thereby be ineligible to accept a seat on City Council for that district.  Sorry, Kyle, but you didn’t have all your facts straight when you started telling this “fib“!

The third City Council member to step into this pile of municipal you-know-what is Sidney Badon.  He and his wife, along with Kyle Holier and Mayor Brad Bailey and his wife, have been instrumental in making the recall petitions to large groups of Groves residents for their signatures.  So ludicrous is this that several of the signatures they garnered were ineligible voters in the community, or some signatures appeared on the petitions multiple times.

On a more serious not, however, is the fact these people literally spearheaded the effort to force the recall and elimination of Cross Coburn as a member of the Groves City Council.  Although not certain at this point, I think their unorthodox behavior in fronting the petitions is perhaps unethical, and I think this concern should be handed over to the State Ethics Commission and Texas Municipal League for their consideration and determination.  I believe that if you can’t separate your personal feelings from this that the voters of Groves have elected you to represent them on, then you yourselves should be removed from office at the community’s earliest opportunity.

And then there is Gene Venable, a product of the gossip and innuendo produced by Councilman Kyle Holier.  Mr. Venable allegedly became so upset with the word that City Councilman Cross Coburn is openly gay, and that someone had produced copies of a series of nude photographs of him sent to the city anonymously, that he (Venable) told Holier he would personally acquire copies of the recall petitions, and take them to three area churches where he (Venable) could guarantee enough people would sign the petitions to have Councilman Coburn recalled and forced from office.

Now ask yourselves why churches would care one way or another about whether Councilman Coburn lacked in the areas of good judgment and common sense.  Sorry, folks, but the only matter I can conceive any religious organizations from giving a hoot about is the fact that Cross Coburn is openly gay; and, that really shouldn’t have any bearing on his ability to act in the capacity of a member of the Groves City Council.

So Groves Mayor Brad Bailey can scream and yell all day and all night that this matter hasn’t anything to do with Coburn being gay, but the fact is that almost every finger relating to this matter demonstrates quite clearly that it is.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a very clear violation of Cross Coburn’s rights.  Is this telling us that those who represent the people of Groves on City Council have placed their own personal biases in front of meeting the needs of their community or satisfying the will of its people?

Where could anyone in Groves have learned to be so bigoted and biased against someone for what appears to be only that he’s gay?  And since when is any young person expected to deliver the degree of good judgment and common sense as that of an experienced adult?  People, this who fiasco is starting to sound a whole lot like the bigotry and biases demonstrated almost on a daily basis in where?  Port Arthur.  The one community many Groves residents look down their noses upon and blame for all the bad things happening in their own backyards.  If true, the City of Groves, and its people (at least some of them), have learned their lessons well from Port Arthur.  And if the people of Groves don’t stand up and act fact to correct these situations, it won’t be long before Groves is in the same boat as is Port Arthur.  Is that what they want?

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