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Chapter 3 of the Groves Fiasco

As the Groves saga continues to play, I have to ask if those involved in the effort to have City Councilman Cross Coburn recalled and forced from office could be taking lessons from some of the city leaders in Port Arthur?  I never would have guessed there were so many reactionary people in Groves, Texas; nor would I have found it possible so many would be willing to ignore important factors in this case in lieu of spreading unsubstantiated gossip and misinformation.  Port Arthur’s become real good at leading people astray with gossip, misleading information and unsubstantiated innuendo.

The situation here involves a series of nude photographs that Cross Coburn took of himself and provided to someone he thought was a potential suitor in an online gay dating website.  Cross Coburn is openly gay.  It appears that whomever the potential suitor was had apparently subscribed to the gay dating website under false pretenses, and deliberately intended to obtain nude photographs of Mr. Coburn for no other reason that to destroy his reputation and ultimately cost him his City Council position.  Copies of the nude photographs were sent anonymously to the City of Groves.  Two additional packets containing copies of the nude photographs were also sent anonymously to two members of our local news media, but there’s some reason to think they may have been sent by another member of the Groves City Council instead of the person who sent the packet to Groves.  However, because the Groves Mayor, other members of City Council and a few people within the Groves community, have elected not to look into the matter of who sent the packets of photographs, it isn’t very likely anyone will ever be truly identified as the perpetrator or perpetrators.

When it comes to unorthodox and possible even unethical behavior by anyone in relation to spreading the word about the nude photographs among the people of Groves, no one is more instrumental in spreading that word than is Groves City Councilman Kyle Holier.  Councilman Holier, when Mr. Coburn first took office, tried to garner public recognition by announcing that he would help Mr. Coburn better understand his duties and obligations as a member of the Groves City Council.  This all came to a screeching halt once word of the nude photographs came out.  Even though I’ve been told City Council was advised by the City Attorney to refer all matters pertaining to the nude photographs to the City Attorney, Councilman Holier took it upon himself to start broadcasting the news to anyone within earshot.  Making matters even more questionable is when Mr. Holier began openly and publicly referring to fellow Councilman Coburn as “dickpic“.  There is reason to believe it was Kyle Holier who took the matter to friend Gene Venable, who then stated that he (Venable) would get copies of recall petition forms when they became available, distribute them in three local churches, and next to guaranteed he could get enough signatures to ensure the recall of Councilman Coburn and his subsequent removal from his City Council position.

The question here, ladies and gentlemen, is why would the membership of three churches be so interested in signing petitions that would lead to the recall and removal of City Councilman Coburn?  Surely they could care less that Mr. Coburn is being accused of using bad judgment and lacking common sense.  Tons of people, even many grownups, suffer the same thing all over the place.  Could it be because Cross Coburn is openly gay?  Most of us are already aware of how the religious community feels about homosexuality, so if perhaps this was brought out when church members were approached with the petitions, it would be understandable were they upset enough to affix their signatures to them.  Unfortunately, if this is true, then a whole different can of worms may have been opened.

It’s my humble opinion that the entire matter pertaining to the nude photographs of City Councilman Cross Coburn could have been handled much better, and much more professionally.  In the first place, if Cross Coburn is going to be chastised, demeaned, recalled and removed from office because he demonstrated bad judgment and a lack of common sense, then how do you explain the behavior of Groves Mayor Brad Bailey as he reacted to being questioned why he and his wife had signed the petitions in lieu of remaining neutral in the matter?

KBMT 12 NEWS: Groves Mayor has outburst while discussing recall petition

I think it extremely odd that some on the Groves City Council will so proudly (and loudly) proclaim their right to do whatever they damned well please on their own time and not in representation of the community.  However, isn’t this precisely what they’re denying Cross Coburn?  And furthermore, an ethical Mayor would have enough of his own good judgment and common sense to stay mute in this matter and refer inquiries to the City Attorney as he had been instructed to do.  So would have Councilman Sidney Badon who also affixed his signature onto the petition.  And where is all the good judgment and common sense in Councilman Kyle Holier broadcasting every nitty-gritty little detail to anyone in earshot, or his referring to fellow Councilman Coburn as “dickpic“?  Like I said earlier, I have to wonder if these people aren’t taking lessons from Port Arthur?

As long as were asking questions, would anyone like to address any of the following?

  • Which Groves City Councilman brags about a long-standing affair with a married woman?
  • Which Groves City official was involved with another woman and got caught?
  • Which Groves City Councilman hasn’t any problem telling fairy-tales regarding the sexuality of another City Council member, and making up stories how that Council member is orchestrating a scheme to take over city government to garner city money that will benefit that Council member personally?
  • How come word is beginning to circulate that the City of Groves may have awarded one or two  construction contract for the new Police/Municipal Courts building that went to a construction company owned by a relative of a member of the Groves City Council?
  • Is it possible those supporting the petitions to recall and remove Cross Coburn from office are doing so because he is gay, or that they simply are too damned lazy to try mentoring Mr. Coburn to learn better judgment and common sense?
  • Why are those involved in the matter of the photographs ignoring the important questions and seeking facts in lieu of spreading gossip, misinformation and unsubstantiated innuendo?

Yes, if indeed Groves is taking lessons from Port Arthur in relation to unorthodox and possibly unethical behavior, then I think they’ve learned their lessons well.  Groves has the makings for becoming the next Port Arthur. Doesn’t that simply thrill you?

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