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Addendum to the Cross Coburn Issue

Sometimes when you delve deep enough into the background surrounding one issue, you come across other things that may have only an indirect influence on the core topic.  This is what happened when I started talking to people regarding Mr. Coburn and the series of nude photographs of him that were sent anonymously first to the City of Groves, and a couple of weeks later to KFDM 6 News and the Port Arthur News exclusively.

Allow me to explain the Groves City Councilman Cross Coburn is openly gay.  Mr. Coburn took the pictures of himself at the request of another gay dating website subscriber who approached Mr. Coburn as a potential suitor.  This isn’t an unusual practice among subscribers to this online gay dating website.  However, in this case it appears whomever requested the photographs in question from Mr. Coburn had possibly subscribed to the gay dating website under false pretenses, requested and obtained the photographs in question, copied them and distributed those copies to the City of Groves and the select members of the local news media exclusively.

This is where fellow Groves City Councilman Kyle Holier enters into this.  At first, when Cross Coburn assumed his seat on the Groves City Council, fellow Councilman Holier openly stated that he would help Councilman Coburn with his duties and responsibilities on City Council.  That is, until the photographs in question appeared in Groves government offices.  Since Councilman Holier became aware of the photographs in question, he has openly and proudly referred to fellow Councilman Coburn as “dickpic“; an extremely offensive term used by Holier to demean Cross Coburn.  I’m willing to say that I don’t know anyone who has done more to increase the public’s awareness of this matter than Kyle Holier, even though other city officials have advised him not to discuss it.  I believe it was due to the gossip spread by Mr. Holier that Gene Venable stated he could obtain enough registered voter signatures on recall petitions to ensure Mr. Coburn would be removed from office.

Meet Groves City Council member Karen Theis.   Ms. Theis has been on the receiving end of Kyle Holier’s disdain for quite some time, and knows all too well how effective Holier can be in attempting to destroy someone’s reputation within the community.  In this case, Mr. Holier openly states that Ms. Theis is a lesbian and that her lover is Cross Coburn’s mother.  Mr. Holier states that Ms. Theis is responsible for Cross Coburn having become a member of the Groves City Council.  Furthermore, according to Mr. Holier, this is because Ms. Theis is going to run for Mayor of the City of Groves and will have to vacate her City Council position when she wins.  Holier then states that Ms. Theis will appoint Mr. Coburn’s mother to fill her vacated Cit Council position, and then will have three votes on City Council matter.  Mr. Holier states the basis behind this effort is so that Ms. Theis can get city funds to expand her downtown business and put it all in her own back pocket.  It should be noted here that I’ve discovered absolutely no evidence whatsoever to indicate any truth in the scam Kyle Holier alleges.

However this issue will play out is anyone’s guess.  I think it sad that people are willing to accept the gossip, rumors and unproven innuendo that may well result in Cross Coburn being unseated from City Council, and could become a black mark against him years to come.  I have to wonder how anyone could take pride in themselves for being a party to the demolition and destruction of another’s reputation?  I think this is an epic demonstration of character assassination, orchestrated mostly by a member of the Grove City Council who want people to think of him as something he will never be:  honorable!  Where is there honor in any of this?  I think if anyone should be removed from the Groves City Council for unethical, unprofessional and dishonorable behavior, it should be City Councilman Kyle Holier.  Perhaps this may be the case as I’ve learned he will finally have a challenger in the next Groves city elections.

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