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Maybe Not All Is As It Seems

In retrospect, I almost feel sorry for Cross Coburn, the gay Groves City Councilman being subjected to a recall petition designed to have him removed from office for what many try to describe as “poor judgment“, but I really have to wonder if it isn’t for something else.  Mr. Coburn, as you may be aware of, is the subject of some rather offensive nude photographs of himself that were first sent anonymously to the City of Groves and then, a couple of weeks later, to two specific members of the local news media.

I really doubt the source of the nude photographs will ever be determined because I don’t think anyone is really interested in investigating the matter.  What I suspect is someone with an ax to grind with Mr. Coburn created a false identity in a certain gay dating website for the sole purpose of tricking Mr. Coburn into providing nude pictures of himself under the guise of being interested in him for a gay relationship.  I further suspect that this same person orchestrating the guise then copied the pictures provided to them by Mr. Coburn, copied them and set out to use them against him.  From what I understand from other gay people I know of in the community, producing and transmitting photographs of this nature via online gay dating websites isn’t unusual.  However, using websites like this and subsequently using photographs of this nature as a weapon against a gay person, is unusual.  So who would do such a thing?

The posting shown above is part of one submitted into a social media group drawing attention to what someone thinks of Cross Coburn.  Obviously it isn’t very nice, but information I have is that this was produced and posted by a young woman who, back when she was in 8th grade, had a relationship with Mr. Coburn.  It was during that time that Mr. Coburn “came out of the closet” and announced he was gay.  As you might expect, the relationship the young woman who was involved with along with Mr. Coburn fell apart.  And this young woman, from what I’ve been told, has been targeting Cross Coburn in this manner ever since.  Why would she do this?  Psychologists will tell you that some women are so vain as to think because a boyfriend (lover) would come out as gay while being with them means there is somehow something wrong with them, and this is more than enough reason for them (the jilted women) to get even with their once make counterpart.  And such is why I suspect this young woman could very well be responsible for the acquisition and distribution of the offending pictures at least to the City of Groves.  But the question still remains as to who subsequently sent the offensive nude photos to KFDM 6 News and the Port Arthur News exclusively?

From the very onset of this business involving the nude photographs of Councilman Cross Coburn, and even before the public became aware of them via the local news media another Groves City Councilman took it upon himself to openly discuss the photos and tell anyone and everyone he would speak with about them.  What made is revelation of the photographs so unique, however, is that he almost without fail identified Mr. Coburn as “dickpic“.  Furthermore, as Councilman Holier spoke to people in public, he frequently told them not to pay any attention to people under the age of 45 because those younger people don’t cast votes in local elections, and therefore whatever young people say is nonsense.

But Councilman Holier went even further.  Well prior to any petitions coming out, Holier stated that he had approached Gene Venable with this matter, who in turn stated that he (Mr. Venable) would secure petitions and take them to three local churches where more than enough signatures could be obtained to demand a recall of Councilman Coburn.  Ladies and gentlemen, ask yourself why there would be enough people in three churches willing to sign petitions to remove Councilman Coburn from office for having used poor judgment?  At age 19, the age of Cross Coburn, I will attest that I did things that lacked poor judgment, and probably so did you.  Isn’t it far more likely that churchgoers with a strong faith in the laws of God would more object to Coburn being openly gay?

KFDM 6 NEWS:  Groves city councilman’s attorney says city hall official leaked nude photos to media

It doesn’t stop here, though.  Following news reports that Cross Coburn and his attorney suspect copies of the photographs in question were provided to both KFDM 6 News and the Port Arthur news exclusively, and have evidence supporting their suspicions, Councilman Holier went on camera for KFDM 6 News to proclaim, “Got evidence?  Show it to me.  Put up or shut up!  No evidence was given to me, so shut the hell up!” First off, what attorney in their right mind is going to produce evidence to someone not directly involved in what may well become a pending case?  Secondly, if this is about Councilman Coburn using bad judgment, why in the hell is Councilman Holier leading to attack against Councilman Coburn and his attorney?  If anyone would be issuing a statement about these accusations, shouldn’t it be the Groves City Attorney?

To his credit, City Councilman Cross Coburn is fighting the effort that would deny him his City Council position.

KFDM 6 NEWS:  Councilman vows to fight recall effort linked to nude photos

-And I think he should.  I still think he was railroaded by someone who falsely portrayed themselves in a gay dating website for the sole reason of defaming Cross Coburn, and those pushing the petitions demanding he be recalled are doing so simply because he is gay and not as they proclaim for “using bad judgment.”  In all honestly, ladies and gentlemen, I think a whole bunch of people who live in Groves, Texas, ought to be ashamed of themselves for the way in which they are addressing this matter.  Luckily, though, Cross Coburn is going ahead with some of the ideas he has for trying to make Groves a nicer, more hospitable, place to be.  Consider a recent cleanup effort he orchestrated.  And, by the way, isn’t it odd that at the time more than 600 people were interested enough to affix their signatures onto petitions, but only six (6) were interested enough in their community to join in a cleanup effort?

Yes, I think there are an awful lot of people in Groves who should be taking a real good look at themselves, even as this man they want to run out of office does more for the community than any one of them has.

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