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Expecting Too Much

I guess I’m guilty of expecting too much.  I would have thought that for all the crying and whining, and bitching and belly-aching, that goes on among the people of Port Arthur that surely by now those people would have become sick and tired of things being the way they are, and would start working together to effect change.  As I said, I guess I expected too much.

There is one thing almost completely absent from life within the City of Port Arthur, and that is “unity“.  For a community that lauds itself as being “ethnically diversified“, Port Arthur is an extremely fragmented community in which ethnic groups are distinctly separated.  That separation has divided the community into individual sectors, two being primary, that spend more time fighting amongst themselves than working to improve the overall conditions within the community.  Why is it that only two primary ethnic groups hold any positions of importance within the community?  And why is it that each of those two primary ethnic groups works so hard at all but completely ignoring the presence of other ethnic groups in the city?  Is it ethnic backgrounds that separate Port Arthur’s peoples, or just a plain old run-of-the-mill racist attitude?

In the most simple of terms, Port Arthur is a dump.  I’m not talking about the retail areas along and near US Hwy 69 and FM 365; I’m speaking of the rest of the community … the part people don’t see when driving along most thoroughfares.  City streets are lined with altogether too many empty buildings, either abandoned or in such bad condition that no one wants to stay in them.  The same holds true for the hundreds of vacant lots scattered all over the city.  A number of them have become nothing more than dumping grounds for those too lazy to take their own trash to the city landfill, or don’t possess the appropriate identification that would allow them to use the landfill (illegal immigrants).  Even in areas where many homes are occupied, street sides are lined with litter tossed out by careless people too damned lazy to toss it into a trash container.  Now add to this the fact the condition of many city streets is deplorable, to say the least; and, our infrastructure is crumbling.  So ask yourself this:  What is there here in Port Arthur, Texas, that would interest any new business or industry in relocating or building here?  The answer is, “Not much!

I’m tired of trying to get the point across to the people of Port Arthur that the primary reason why Port Arthur is in such a deplorable state today is because of the people of the city, themselves.  On average, less than 8% of Port Arthur’s registered voters ever cast a ballot in city elections.  And to talk to them to ask why they don’t vote will garner you almost as many full-of-crap excuses as there are grains of sand on the beach at Sea Rim State Park.  What this all boils down to, ladies and gentlemen, is that until each and every one of you is willing to get up off your dead, lazy asses to take the few minutes necessary to cast a ballot in a city election, then there exists almost no hope of Port Arthur becoming anything more than what it is right now.

What you folks don’t know, or have just become too complacent to care about, is that those we have governing and administering the city right now have clearly demonstrated they are far more interested in their own personal and political special interests than they are satisfying the needs of the city, or responding to the matters of concern among city residents.  We need fresh faces with fresh ideas to get Port Arthur not only stabilized, but back on track towards becoming a place that appeals to outside businesses and industries that could bring more meaningful jobs to our city.  But nothing will happen unless you, the people of Port Arthur, start to take matters into your own hands by voting to get these self-centered, self-serving people out of current government and administration positions.  Rich Macke, of the Port Arthur News, published a very good opinion on this very matter:

PORT ARTHUR NEWS: Rich Make:  Only you can promote change – just vote

So, don’t pay any attention to the fancy documents all dreamed up by city government or administration that paint rosy pictures for the future of Port Arthur.  Chances are not a damned one of those dreams will ever see the light of reality, so the ball lies squarely in your hands to do something.  The question now becomes, “Will you do it?”  Will you?

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