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I’m coming pretty close to having had my last experience with Walmart.  I’ve been burned by the shoddy quality of their merchandise a quite a few times, but always found some things with which I was satisfied.  However, as of today, my opinion of the store chain changed dramatically.

My wife and I share our lives with a nearly fiver year old German Shepherd by the name of Sargent Joe.  Sgt. Joe weighs in at about 115 pounds and is a healthy big, furry meatball that we love dearly.  We take good care of him by ensuring he gets all his shots and boosters, and with regular trips to the vet when something comes up.

Sgt. Joe is a very picky eater, very much like some human children.  So when we found something he likes, we do our very best to stay with it.  This hasn’t always been an easy journey, however.  But we did manage to find a combination of wet and dry food, along with certain treats, that Sgt. Joe will gulp down without hesitation.  And, we were able to easily acquire these things at a nearby Walmart store.  That is, until just recently.

We use a dry version of Victor’s lamb and rice meal mixed with a can of Pure Balance either beef or chicken vegetable stew, as shown in the six-pack above.  This combination is one which our vet approves of whole-heartedly, and we are very careful with what our overgrown pup eats.  Unfortunately, and even though this was often a top seller in local Walmart stores, you won’t be finding it on the shelves any longer.  It’s been replaced by Walmart’s own Ol’ Roy that we’re told hasn’t any nutritional value whatsoever.  So, this is what we have had to substitute the preferred additive with:

No bog deal here, folks.  Sargent gobbles this down just as well as he did the combination of dry food along with either the beef or chicken varieties previously.  Unfortunately, Walmart is now slowly replacing this version along with many other varieties of Pure Balance with more Ol’ Roy products.  I was fortunate enough to find and entire case of this Pure Balance product at the Memorial Boulevard location, and purchased the entire stock of it.  That’s going to give me some “running room” while I track it down via another source.

Now for Sgt. Joe’s favored treats.  He’s every bit as picky about what he wants for treats as he is his main body food.  These are his favorites and he’ll about tie himself in knots to have them.  But, once again, Walmart no longer carries these, but does offer them on their website.  So this morning, I ordered five (5) 24-oz packages of the Exer-Hide kabobs via the Walmart website, and paid $13.64 per bag plus tax.  They became available at the Twin City store this afternoon.

However, imagine my surprise when I went to the location to retrieve my order.  Instead of the five (5) 24-oz packages of these kabobs, what I was given was five (5) bags of Ol’ Roy kabobs!  Never mind the Ol’ Roy brand is much cheaper than the Exer-Hide, I still was charge the Exer-Hide price even though I wasn’t provided it.  That didn’t set well with me at all, and I ended up taking the two bags of product to the Service Counter were I had to turn them in, cancel my order altogether, and now am waiting to see how long it’s going to the Meaty-Bone dog biscuits Sargent likes to munch on.  Because he is a large dog, we always bought the bigger 60 oz box of these biscuits, but Walmart threw us for a loop by offering only the smallest biscuits for small dogs.  We were able to overcome this by finding another supplier online and have since received an order consisting of four (4) 64-oz boxes of the large biscuits.

With few exceptions, I no longer trust Walmart to value me as a customer.  Furthermore, even were I to rely on their online services, I now no longer can be sure they will sell me what I order, or will even offer the goods and such that I want or am used to.  As far as I’m concerned, Walmart is about as interested in customer satisfaction as it is encountering a plague, and again with a few exceptions, I won’t be wasting my time going to Walmart for much of anything.

May I suggest you do the same?



  1. I have no problem giving Wal-Mart bum’s rush. In fact we gave them the go a little over a year ago. My mother was driving through the “big” Wal-Mart parking lot, in front of the garden center, when some careless people rushed out of the garden center right in front of her. Apparently she either had very little time to hit the breaks, or swerved to doge them instead, because she had a very low-speed collision with a poll near the entrance, and then rolled backwards into the fence. The collision did not cause the air bag to deploy, however, because GM failed to put a bumper on the car — like they should have! — it caused $15,000 damage. Soon afterwards, my mother received a letter from Wal-Mart demanding payment for the repair of their fence to the tune of $1250. My mother’s insurance took care of it, and yes, I know Wal-Mart has the right to subrogation, and I’m sure there’s labiality on her part, but I think it’s pretty rotten for a multi billion dollar company to stick a 88 year old widow with a bill that, to them would be chump change! Thus, I have vowed NEVER to purchase ANYTHING form Wal-Mart, or any of it’s subsidiaries, ever again. So far, I have kept that vow. It has cost me money, time, and the enjoyment of a few particular products, but I will not be moved. May Wal-Mart go the way of Woolco’s, J.C. Penny, T.G.&Y. May they rot in the hell of bankruptcy. Death to Wal-Mart!!!


    • JCBP says:

      I’d be willing to bet that if old Sam Walton rolled over in his grave for some of the stunts his kids have played with the company he worked so hard to create, by now he’d probably being doing handstands and backflips in his grave. It’s all about the buck and little or no concern for customer satisfaction. Take into consideration all the self-checkout lanes installed. They claim they are to reduce checkout lines, but how often have you been in one of their stores only to see more than half of them closed down, and only a conventional lane or two open, with lines running all over the place? The fact is that orders from upper level management well before the self-service lanes were installed had stores reducing their staffing, especially in the area of checkout clerks. Walmart doesn’t give a hoot about customers; only the almighty buck.

      Well, it ain’t getting any more of mine!


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