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Three Cheers for PAPD!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sylvester Jones.  He is one of the good guys down at the Port Arthur Police Department.  You won’t see Sly, as most of his friends call him, out on-duty with other officers as Sly is a Dispatcher in the PAPD Telecommunications Division.  As were so many others here in Port Arthur, Sly was also a victim of Tropical Storm Harvey’s wrath.  Unfortunately, though, Sly hasn’t been able to take care of much relating to getting his house back in order because he is in a wheel chair and is currently a patient in a local hospital.

Recently a group of his friends in the Port Arthur Police Department came together to work on his house to have it ready when work can begin on getting it back to something more livable than what it was after Harvey.  He posted the following pictures in his Facebook page, along with the following narrative:

I just want to give a BIG THANK You to my coworkers and proud members of the Port Arthur Police Department for all of their help in getting my home fixed in order to get me back in to our home. Officer Al Gillen, Det Mike Hebert, Det Brian Cater, Det Sadie Murphy, Lt Chris Segler, Lt Jeremy Lloyd, Det Ryan Kidwell and ID Tech Marie Kirkland, Det. Johnathan Green,and Chief Patrick Melvin who got the process rolling thank you guys so very much for taking time out of your schedule to help me and my wife in making this nightmare of an ordeal that we are going through a little easier. We were ripped off by the owners/operators Iles Flooring and Contractor Co of $10,000.00, who also happened to be the husband of one of the Officers that I work with. Again I say thank you to all who participated in helping me and my wife during this time.

And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of true friends; willing to sacrifice their own time and efforts to help a friend.  Three Cheers for the Port Arthur Police Department!

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