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Aw, come on, Port Arthur!  What is it about fiscal responsibility y’all don’t understand?  You claim you’re facing a more than $32 million budget shortfall.  You’ve authorized raising water and sewer rates because of a more than $2 million loss within the city’s Water Utilities Department (probably due to the mismanagement I’ve personally experienced time and time again), and your streets and infrastructure are in despicable state of disrepair.  Yet out comes word that now you’re going to again pursue downtown redevelopment.  Why?  So you can suck more money off of the grants the city might get for those never-to-be-defined “administrative purposes“?

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I saw something in the news the other day that started me thinking how, if anything, Port Arthur has to be one of the least unified communities in America.  Although Port Arthur claims itself to be “an ethnically diversified community”, one would never guess it because we have mostly a city government and administration composed primarily of just two ethnic groups.  Maybe this is because so many in city government and administration discount the existence of other ethnic groups, or tend to ignore their presence almost altogether.  However, were the people of this community to start working together to do what government obviously could care less about, maybe Port Arthur could become something besides an embarrassment to the rest of the State of Texas.  To give you an idea of what a unified community can accomplish, click the following link:

THE BLAZE:  No permit, no problem? 2 men sick of waiting on government are fixing potholes themselves

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Willie Bae Lewis

Speaking about ignoring ethnic groups other than those generally represented in city government and administration, Port Arthur City Councilman Willie “Bae” Lewis has been making headlines by loudly proclaiming Port Arthur’s sizable Hispanic community has been “sold out” by City Council.

PORT ARTHUR NEWS:  PA Councilman:  Council members ‘sold out’ Hispanic community

All well and good, Willie, but how come you yourself have also largely ignored the Hispanic people of Port Arthur until now; just when YOUR City Council seat is about to disappear? I know Willie, and can say with a degree of certainty that the only thing Willie Bae Lewis gives a hoot about is Willie Bae Lewis.  So on that note, I have to agree with the opinion published in the Port Arthur News shortly after his report:

PORT ARTHUR NEWS:  Willie Bae Lewis:  A last, shameless ploy

Harold Doucet

Speaking about selling people out, I think a recent chain of events pretty much demonstrated that Port Arthur City Councilman Harold Doucet probably wishes the people who reside in the Dominion Ranch subdivision were not in his Council district.  That’s because of all the noise made in the local media regarding how not only their City Councilman, Harold Doucet, but other city officials pretty much ignored their plight following Tropical Storm Harvey and subsequent flooding issues.

KFDM NEWS:  Residents of Port Arthur subdivision say they’ve been ignored by council; city manager

So, with that, I also have to agree with much of what was said in a recent opinion in the Port Arthur News:

PORT ARTHUR NEWS:  For some citizens, time to look elsewhere

After all, Councilman Doucet made it clear that Montrose, Elvista and Vista View were far more important than was Dominion Ranch, and the day he visited Dominion Ranch (probably because he was embarrassed by coming into the media’s focus), he acted almost more combative than understanding.  But that’s his problem …

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Courtesy of KFDM 6 News

I wonder how many of Port Arthur’s citizens realize that had not the local media picked up on what was transpiring with regard to Locomotive 503, Port Arthur probably would have been able to rid itself of it without anyone knowing it until someone driving by missed it?  That’s what happens when you have a city government that really doesn’t want its citizens to know what its up to, and then when caught at something, takes steps to restrict or limit what the news media can report about it, and when information can be obtained.  Sop just to have an idea of how this demonstration of a dictatorship form of government works, just ask KFDM’s Angel San Juan how it feels to have Interim City Manager Harvey Robinson turn his back on him and walk behind his office door when Mr. San Juan tried to interview him regarding new restrictions on the local news media.  Talk about attitude!

I guess we should all count our blessing Mayor Freeman just didn’t and over all news media reports to his buddies at CNN.  We all know and recognize CNN as an important player in the world of creating “fake news“, so the people of Port Arthur could have been indefinitely left in the dark while city council worked behind their backs.


Alas, Port Arthur.  What more can I say?

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  1. You hit the nail squarely on the head! As far as prettying up the downtown, without having sewers in good working order and streets in good repair, dressing up the pig doesn’t matter.


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