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Port Arthur Locomotive Thread Removed


Courtesy of KFDM 6 News

Please note that the thread entitled, “Port Arthur steam locomotive – more to this than meets the eye“, has been removed completely from the forum.

At this point, all matters pertaining to the thread I posted have come into question.  This came about as the result of an email I received from someone claiming to be the source of the letter and stating clearly that it had been posted into the Jefferson County Beer Party without his consent, and thereby asking for its removal.

So now I’m stuck with not knowing who actually sent the material to me, who actually became involved in the discussion, or even who this character is who sent the follow-up email wanting its removal.  I considered it in my best interests to remove the threat altogether.

I have my suspicions who may have been behind this stunt, and perhaps even why.  However, not being able to prove anything at this point, there is little I can do about it more than what steps I’ve already taken.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

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