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Proof Positive


Anyone needing more proof that those we elected to represent us in local government have their own respective agendas and really could care less about what the people of Port Arthur think, want or need, only now have to look as far as the old steam railroad locomotive that sits quietly alongside Gulfway Drive here in Port Arthur.  But you better look quick because it isn’t going to be there very much longer.

KFDM 6 NEWS: Angel San Juan reports on fundraising effort to save historic KCS train in Port Arthur

Let me explain something here.  The purpose for discussing city matters in Executive Session is that it can be done completely in private without people from the community or representatives of the local news media being present.  Most often these closed meetings pertain to litigation against the city and other legal matters.  However, it seems Port Arthur government has begun using these private meetings when they want to do something literally behind the backs of the people of Port Arthur, and by the time the people become aware of the stunts government pulls on them, the dastardly deeds are done and the people are left without recourse.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely what’s taken place here.  And this goes right along the lines of the degree of secrecy our local government is willing to go through in order to keep people in the dark about what they do, how they do it and why they do it that way.  So now I feel justified in calling Derrick Freeman just another run-off-at-the-mouth politician who lied through his teeth just to get elected as Mayor of Port Arthur by promising transparency in Port Arthur government.  And, “Thank You” Carl Parker for making it possible for this man and others just like him to seize control of our city!

So just how much more of these dirty tricks and shenanigans are the Mayor and members of City Council going to have to pull off before the people of Port Arthur are going to have had enough and actually get off their dead, lazy, racist butts to effect change?  In this case, you have to remember that the city failed to properly maintain this piece of history thereby being responsible for its current state of disrepair.  What’s going to be next, people?  Will there be another Executive Session that will result in word surfacing that Rosehill Manor is going to be demolished or sold because the City of Port Arthur failed to honor its responsibilities to maintain it?

Doesn’t it bother any of you that our Mayor, and various members of City Council, can go traipsing all over the countryside attending symposiums, meetings, seminars, etc., to enrich themselves; but, not a damned one of them can demonstrate a single thing they’ve brought back to Port Arthur and enacted to make Port Arthur a better or more productive community?  People, this game is all about themselves; and, if you continue to run their greedy, self-centered, self-serving, little game without regard then don’t be the least bit surprised if they run Port Arthur so far into the marsh muck that there isn’t enough of a community left to work with.

It’s time for the people of Port Arthur to stand up and take control of their community before there isn’t a community to take control of.  The very best thing the people of Port Arthur can do for themselves right now is to make sure that Mayor Derrick Freeman and each and every member of City Council are NOT re-elected to office ever again, and to continue putting fresh faces with fresh ideas on how to save our city into office with each and every election until we find those we can trust and who will indeed do something for the community instead of themselves.

I’d ask you, too, to start hounding our Mayor and City Council members to start doing their jobs FOR the people of Port Arthur, but I realize that would be asking far to much.  Both of you, AND of them!

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