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When Were You Going to Tell Us About This, Port Arthur?


Courtesy of KBMT 12 News

The controversy involving the actions of Port Arthur’s Interim City Manager Harvey Robinson’s attempts to control the local news media with regard to how and when it can acquire information from the city couldn’t have come at a worse time.  About the same time as Port Arthur was in the process of celebrating the Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas, the City of Port Arthur was having to deal with yet another discharge of unsanitary water.

KFDM 6 NEWSOne million gallons of wastewater spill in Port Arthur, residents say smell is ‘horrific’

KBMT 12 NEWSMillion gallon sewage spill causes concern among Port Arthur neighborhood

PORT ARTHUR NEWSSewer line break that dumped 1 million gallons repaired

The following are copies of the document relating to the wastewater spill described in these reports.  Again I have to apologize for the quality of the graphics as I’m trying real hard to learn how to use some new computer programs.

What’s interesting about these two document pages is that although they indicate proper notifications were made in relation to the spill, and the last page describes hazards people may have suffered because of it, nary a word ever reach John Q. Public until well after the event was resolved.  I guess it just isn’t any of our business, now is it folks?

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