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Port Arthur Transparent? You’ve Got to be Kidding!


Whatever happened to Derrick Freeman’s campaign promise that when he was elected Mayor of the City of Port Arthur that he would make the city’s government and administration transparent, and thus make it possible for the people of Port Arthur to know just what their elected and appointed officials were doing.  That, unfortunately, was before the appointment of Interim City Manager Harvey Robinson and this:

As you read through the content of the document pictured above, please make note that it clearly states this mandate was issued “per the interim City Manager, Mr. Harvey Robinson.”  I ask you to make special note of this because according to a follow-up report presented by Angel San Juan, of KFDM 6 News, Mr. Robinson clearly states he knew nothing about this Press Release.  Review that report at the following link:

KFDM 6 NEWS: Mixed messages from Port Arthur city officials over releasing information to the public

So which one is it, Mr. Harvey?  Did you or did you not approve these restrictions?  But notice how, in his insulting manner, tried paying blame for all this on Port Arthur’s Public Information Officer by claiming there was some sort of “miscommunication” on her part.  Sounds kind of like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar, doesn’t it?  Trying to make people think someone else screwed up instead of the true culprit.  And this is what it got him:

PORT ARTHUR NEWS: Here’s a policy: Speak the truth

In my opinion, either Mr. Robinson is beginning to show signs of dementia, or he’s just plain lying through his teeth trying to cover up for himself.  You can decide that one for yourselves, but in trying to follow-up on this facet of this fiasco, Angel San Juan also discovered some other things that are hoped you will find as disturbing as do I:

KFDM 6 NEWSEmails contradict Port Arthur city manager’s statement about media policy

You may be interested in being able to see and read some of the email messages sent between the Pubic Information Officer and Interim City Manager Harvey Robinson.  I’ve acquired copies of them and am posting them below.  Please accept my apologies for the number of individual documents and the quality of them.  I’m working with a couple of new computer programs have a lot to learn about them yet.

This is a copy of the email sent by Port Arthur Public Information Officer Risa Carpenter to Interim City Manager Harvey Robinson asking him specific questions relating to the Press Release.

This document is the same as is the one shown in Angel San Juan’s report and clearly indicates the position of Mr. Harvey in relation to the clarification questions presented by the Public Information Officer. Funny, I don’t see any “miscommunication” in there, do you?

And this is where things really start getting interesting. It seems Mr. Harvey, in addition to displaying manners equivalent to that of the south end of a jackass heading north towards Angel San Juan, now is relieving the Public Information Officer of some of her duties.  Sounds like revenge, doesn’t it?

As if the Press Release wasn’t confusing enough to the local news media, apparently it was equally as confusing to other officials in Port Arthur government and administration.

The clarification by Risa Carpenter in response to the previous inquiry.


So Harvey Robinson gets his way regardless.  But please understand that this little business of getting even doesn’t stop here apparently.  I’m receiving information from inside City Hall that Robinson wants Carpenter out, and is willing to initiate a program of bullying and badgering her until she decides she’s had enough and quits.  I haven’t been able to substantiate this yet, but have heard the same thing from several different sources.  And I know better than to try to ask Mr. Robinson about it because I already question not only his overall lack of manners towards others, but also his complete lack of integrity; so why bother?  What’s to prevent him from just telling another lie and blaming it all on someone else’s “miscommunication“?

Let me just say that if Harvey Robinson, along with his overall lack of integrity and manners, coupled with his asinine demeanor, is the best the City of Port Arthur can do to fill even temporarily such an important position in the community, then Port Arthur is in a lot worse condition that what most people suspect.  And let’s hope that when City Council decides to (hopefully) replace him, for once they have the smarts to not include a provision in the contract requiring the city to have to pay them to get rid of them.


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