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Screw-Ups & Other Foolishness


Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to John Owens.  He was the city’s Emergency Management Coordinator through Hurricanes Rita and Ike, and remained as such until this year when Chief Patrick Melvin demoted him to the streets.  This triggered Mayor Derrick Freeman and City Manager Brian McDougal to remove Owens from his Emergency Management Coordinator position before Tropical Storm Harvey wreaked devastation on the city, and replace him with two bumbling idiots with limited leadership experience and no knowledge of the responsibilities for preparing the city for something as catastrophic as Tropical Storm Harvey.

Thanks to Mayor Derrick Freeman and City Manager Brian McDougal, the city was left without an experienced coordinator, and are largely responsible for much of the loss of property that could have been avoided.  Furthermore, much like his predecessor, Mayor Freeman is often hard to communicate with (even by members of City Council) because he is known to not answer his phone, respond to email messages, etc.

Reliable sources within the City of Port Arthur have indicated that Mayor Freeman has been deliberately sitting on helping “essential employees” find temporary housing because FEMA is paying the tab under the emergency declaration that was never released to the public.  Should FEMA shut it down, or the employees placed, reports are that it all over for Derrick Freeman.  Some Section 8 tenants have also told the Jefferson County Beer Party that Mayor Freeman’s mother has gotten in on the act by securing and calling up these tenants offering to find them a place.  How is that part of her job?

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There seems to be an awful lot of concern that large numbers of people who were evacuated from Port Arthur and other locations within Jefferson County may not return.  This has been expressed not only by officials in Port Arthur, but also by County Judge Brannick, Commissioner Senegal and others.  But ask yourselves why would they come back?  There really isn’t much of anything for them here in Jefferson County.  This is especially true for our youth.  And many of them are finding better lives for themselves in locations other than here.  After all, the “contributing factors” that are forcing people to reconsider intentions to return to this area include minions wanting to control the status quo and profit from it.  Everyone is on opposing teams, so opposed to each other than they simply aren’t able to work together because of their contrary goals.

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A follower of the Jefferson County Beer Party recently posed a question that I thought some of you reading this may want to be aware of:

What Council member was seen driving around the city in a city-owned vehicle after Tropical Storm Harvey, but was still receiving his monthly fuel allowance from the City of Port Arthur? 

This is interesting because it’s been alleged that this City Council member lost both of his vehicles to the storm, and so he asked the City Manager for a “favor“.  Well, you know how these things work, don’t you?

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If you watched the local news in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey, you probably saw ex-City Council woman Tiffany Hamilton trying to make people think she was some kind of a “superwoman” aiding city residents in getting what they needed (even though it’s apparent she didn’t have the slightest idea of what she was doing).  And most of you are probably aware she’s still trying to sue the pants off her Council opponent, Cal Jones, because she lost the most recent election by just three votes.

Well, based upon information received by the Jefferson County Beer Party, Tiffany Hamilton may just stand a pretty fair chance of winning back her Council seat from Cal Jones in the next election cycle.  According to that information, Cal Jones probably won’t survive re-election the next time around because he’s “lost support from the coalition“.  It’s said he can’t seem to preside in City Council meetings during the Mayor’s absence because he comes in so late that someone else has to take over.  Once things get started, only then does Cal show up.  This, along with other things, leaves the Jefferson County Beer Party believing that Cal Jones is almost as dangerous as Tiffany Hamilton due to ignorance, and that he likes the “trappings” associated with being a Council member.  Others have said that he apparently couldn’t care less about “doing the right thing“, and that he’s demonstrated he can be easily compromised.  In other words, more of same in Port Arthur city government.

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And so closes this edition from the Jefferson County Beer Party.  I hope what I’ve introduced today makes each and every one of you think!  There will be more, so stay tuned!

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