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For Once, Port Arthur Did Something Right

Several months ago, before the last election, I did an interview with Angel San Juan, of KFDM 6 News.  That interview had to do with then Port Arthur City Council member Tiffany Hamilton’s jet setting all over the country on the taxpayers’ dimes.

KFDM Investigates:  Port Arthur city councilwoman’s travel expenses at taxpayers’ expense

I have to concede that perhaps her travels with other members of City Council probably resulted in Ms. Hamilton having learned something, but as to the rest of her experiences on her own, I have to say that I think about the only thing she most likely promoted on her travel trail was herself!  And because she’s become so well-known for having found yet another way to waste taxpayer dollars for her own personal gain I have to say, “BULL SMUCKERS”!

And then came the election, and the people of Port Arthur came together to not re-elect Tiffany Hamilton for a second term on City Council.  I personally know people who came to me to say they haven’t voted in this town for years, but came out to cast their ballots in this election for no other reason than to vote Tiffany Hamilton out of office.

Furthermore, during Early Voting, I had a run-in with her mother, Michelle.  I had intended to ask Tiffany a question, but was prevented from getting to her by her mother who came at me in a verbal attack witnessed by several other candidates and voters.  I have to say that her mother has to be one of the most vile, viscous, and filthy-mouthed women I’ve ever run into here in the Golden Triangle of Southeast Texas.  She came at me across the parking lot from an estimated forty feet away, yelling and screaming at me and waving her arms and hands like some kind of a crazed banshee.  Although I tried to put things into a better perspective, this woman continued her loud verbal assault even to the extent of throwing herself at me a few times in acts that I believed she wanted to make contact with me as a basis for a physical assault charge.  I was able to side-step all three attempts.

But the people of Port Arthur made sure that Tiffany Hamilton wasn’t going to enjoy another term on City Council, and effectively put an end to her traipsing all over the country at taxpayer expense.  Tiffany Hamilton lost the election by just three votes, and Carroll “Cal” Jones is now the City Councilman representing District 2.  But the fight wasn’t quite over yet.

Obviously Tiffany Hamilton isn’t pleased with the election results.  First, she demanded a recount of the ballots cast, but was denied because this was an all-electronic election with no paper ballots having been used which could have been recounted, or found to be “suspiciously” disappeared until after the election.  That failing, she now has filed a lawsuit against her opponent, Cal Jones, alleging “… there are more voters who were not allowed to participate in the May 6 election, and there’s ‘a number of voters who were not eligible to vote in this election, but whose votes were included in the count’.”  And, once again, I say, “BULL SMUCKERS”!

Former Port Arthur councilwoman challenges election results after losing by 3 votes

What Tiffany Hamilton fails to recognize is that during Early Voting, Port Arthur residents from throughout the community are entitled to cast ballots in an election, and only on Election Day are voters certified by the District in which they reside.  So it will be very interesting to see just who Hamilton thinks should have been allowed to vote, when, and followed by who she proclaims was inappropriately allowed to cast ballots.  Simply say some undetermined number of people were involved proves nothing unless she can demonstrate all of her allegations.

And, this didn’t end here.  During Early voting, I tried to approach Tiffany Hamilton to ask her what, of everything she supposedly learned in all her nationwide travels, did she manage to have implemented so as to make Port Arthur a better place?  I never get that far.  Her mother, Michelle, came charging forty some feet across the parking lot screaming and yelling at me, and waving her arms and hands like some sort of crazed banshee.  At first I didn’t know who she was or what her problem was, but soon came to understand that both she and her daughter, Tiffany, were less than pleased that I had done the interview with Angel San Juan.  Throughout it all, Tiffany’s mother tried several times to throw herself into me.  I took that as an attempt on her part of make contact with me so she could file assault charges against me.  She didn’t succeed because I managed to step out of her way.  On her last attempt, and upon again missing me, she almost fell flat on her face.  I left.

But this wasn’t over.  Imagine my surprise when several days after the election I received a Summons in the mail to respond to Port Arthur’s Municipal Court to answer for a complaint of “Disorderly Conduct: Language”.  It seems Ms. Hamilton had filed the formal complaint against me because she and her daughter, Tiffany, were in fear for their personal safety and well-being all because of what I had said.  Absolutely amazing!  And I saw it as their laying the groundwork to blame me and the interview I did that was televised for Tiffany having lost the election.  That case was eventually dismissed, and I’m waiting to see if my suspicions were correct.

Regardless how this matter turns out, as far as I know I still have the right to have an opinion, and to express that opinion if I choose to do so.  Well, folks, this is it.  You can love me for it, hate me for it, or ignore it all over the place if you wish.  But my opinion of Tiffany Hamilton and her mother , Michelle, are that they are sore losers for having lost the re-election, and having been forced to discontinue romping around the country at taxpayer expense.  I think Tiffany Hamilton is little more than just another leech having discovered a fancy way of bilking taxpayers out of their hard-earned monies by spending more than $31,000.00 on supposedly “city business”.  I sincerely believe she promoted herself in all those trips more than she ever did the City of Port Arthur, as she claimed.  Furthermore, to the very best of my knowledge, Tiffany Hamilton hasn’t enacted ANYTHING that she learned from those trips that could make Port Arthur a better place to be.  I won’t say what I think this all makes her, nor will I comment any further about what little I actually think of her mother.

Now, this is my opinion.  If you want to speak your own, feel free to contact the Jefferson County Beer Party.  Your choice!

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