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Unethical Influence? (Updated)


On the night of 24 January 2016, Clinton Meadows (left) was changing a flat tire on his wife’s vehicle on the side of Interstate 10 in Beaumont.  While changing that tire, he was struck and killed by another vehicle driven by Kendrick McCloney (right) who had just preceding the accident changed lanes before striking and killing Meadows, and injuring Meadows’ wife.  McCloney was subsequently charged with Intoxication Man Slaughter in the death of Meadows, and Intoxication Assault in the injury of Meadows’ wife.  You can learn more about this as it was reported by KFDM 6 News:

Police release photo of driver who ran over man changing tire on I-10

Apparently McCloney was under the influence of a substance at the time of the crash, thereby bringing about the charges against him.

But the story doesn’t end here.  Shown below is a copy of a letter written and sent by Jefferson County Commissioner Everette “Bo” Alfred in what appears to be a willful attempt to sway the judgment of Judge West with regard to punishment for McCloney.  The letter is clearly written using official Jefferson County stationery and bears Commissioner Alfred’s official title.

Everyone makes mistakes.”  Yes, this may be true, but most mistake don’t cost innocent persons their life.  And the line that Commissioner Alfred states, “I appreciate your consideration” leads one to think it was his intent to influence presiding Judge West.  But does the attempted influence stop there?  When I spoke with Clinton Meadows mother, Sandra Meadows, on the phone, she indicated that four (4) Assistant District Attorneys had refused to handle this case, and that District Attorney Bob Wortham responded to her concerns as “even my secretary could have typed out this letter“; to which Sandra Meadows replied to him asking, “Could she have also forged his signature?

The Jefferson County Beer Party questions whether writing and sending this letter, along with the allegations of how the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office is approaching the matter, is ethical behavior on the part of an elected official?  The other side of the coin is what will eventually happen, if anything, to Kendrick McCloney?  Will he get a literal slap on the hands and get off near Scott-free?  It wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened in similar situations here n Jefferson County.

Perhaps this should be forwarded to the Ethics Commission, or its equivalent, here in the State of Texas …

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UPDATE:  The Jefferson County Beer Party has received information that this case has been removed from Judge West’s Court due to “too much heat“.  I’m not sure just exactly what’s meant by “too much heat“, but apparently someone isn’t pleased with how this appears to be playing out.

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