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A New Life for the Al Price Unit?

Currently, what was once Jefferson County’s Al Price Juvenile Corrections Facility is sitting idle with weeds and grasses slowly taking over its landscape.  As such, about the only thing this facility demonstrates is yet another tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars.  So, what could be done with it?

I have to wonder if anyone from Jefferson County government has even considered approaching Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) regarding the use of this facility to house illegal  immigrants pending their deportation?  Having a facility capable of holding a number of deportees would relieve some of the problems and pressures placed on local resources as more and more law enforcement agencies become charged with the responsibility of identifying those in our nation illegally.

Of course, ICE would be asked to provide the funding necessary to re-open the Al Price facility as well as implementing any improvements necessary to make the facility secure from escape.  Although the hiring of personnel to man the facility would most likely remain in the hands of ICE, agencies in Jefferson County could easily assist the feds with locating, hiring and training facility personnel.  And ICE would also be responsible for paying the bills relating to facility operation.  What’s fair is fair!

The question is, though, could such a plan be implemented locally without fear of having our so-called “representatives” in government from getting greedy for personal or political reasons?  You tell me!

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