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Two Sides to Every Story


How many times have we been told something is allegedly true only to find out later it wasn’t?  Consider the antics of the mainstream media to feed the American people a line of crap that is little more than conjecture, commentary, innuendo, and opinion, all under the guise of being “news”.  So it should come as no surprise to anyone that much of what is being shoved down the throats of the American people with regards to the history of Africa-Americans isn’t exactly true, and that this effort to make others think Black people are all innocent victims for which white Americans owe them is pure, unadulterated hogwash!   All it took to find out, as Paul Harvey would put it, “the rest of the story“, was some simple searching of the Internet.

So let’s start this with reference to the graphic I posted above.  This, along with some explanation, came from an Internet website belonging to an organization known as “Conservative Headlines“.  You can read this, and a number of other articles by clicking on the following link:

America’s first slave owner was a black man

In this piece, it was described about how this black man even went so far as to go to court to sue for the right to own slaves, and thus became the first recognized slave owner in America.  For a more descriptive version of this, please consider reading the article relating to this link.

White slaves, Black slave owners in America

This, by the way, is a chapter from another publication produced and featured in Ironbark Resources which delves far deeper into this subject than almost anything else I’ve found to date.  Albeit very lengthy, I can assure you it offers insights that, as was stated in the preceding linked feature, “This aspect of slave history seems to have “slipped by” the media and academia without being noticed.

So to be sure that everything isn’t always as it appears.  However, that said, perhaps those screaming about all the racism facing them, and social injustices, might just want to review some “factual” history for a change and not just that being presented to them by a one-sided, egotistic, power-mongering, self-centered, self-serving, people.

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