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Questions Raised Regarding Kidnapping Suspects


Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you’re probably aware of the kidnapping and robbery of a prominent Orange County attorney by three illegal immigrants.  You can view the media report, prepared by Brandon Scott of KFDM 6 News, by clicking the ink prepared below:

Affidavit:  Burglary suspect kidnapped attorney hours after release from Jefferson Co. jail

As is clearly stated in this report, “All three of them are from Honduras living in the United States illegally, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.”  And because one of the suspects, German Borjas-Benitez, had been incarcerated and released from the Jefferson County Correctional Facility prior to the kidnapping and robbery, people on the street are asking why the illegal immigration status of Mr. Borjas-Benitez hadn’t been previously determined and his criminal activity reported to the FBI and ICE?

Sources inform the Jefferson County Beer Party that the Port Arthur Police Department is the agency that had previously arrested German Borjas-Benitez on outstanding warrants.  It would seem to most that were PAPD officers diligent in their duties, this tiny fact would have been ascertained long before Borjas-Benitez and his two illegal immigrant cohorts had the opportunity to kidnap and rob the Bridge City attorney.  But, then again, Port Arthur Police Chief Patrick Melvin stated in another KFDM 6 News report that the Port Arthur Police Department would comply with the new Texas law regarding checking immigrant status when it goes into effect on 01 September 2017.

Port Arthur police chief says department will enforce ‘sanctuary cities’ law if it passes

The Jefferson County Beer Party guesses no one remembered to inform Chief Melvin that the legislation did pass and was subsequently signed into law by Governor Abbot; or, perhaps Chief Melvin only meant that the PAPD would comply with the aspects of the law once it took effect.  Whatever their reasoning for this may be, you can be sure they’ll come up with some song-and-dance reason why the PAPD obviously dropped the ball on this one.  Just like the Jefferson County Beer Party believes they’ll have some excuse explaining all the recent officer suspensions and having to re-apply for their jobs.  THAT should be a good one!

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