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Mr. Macke Mumbles


When I write something about someone, I think it only fair to make them aware of it.  This was why I sent a link regarding Rich Macke’s editorial relating to Angel San Juan’s report regarding the travel expenses amassed by Port Arthur City Councilwoman Tiffany Hamilton.  I received a total of three (3) email responses from him. The first simply asked, “Who are you?”  The third stated, “I know who you are.”  It’s the second email message I received from Mr. Macke that I have a problem with.

In that second email message, although Mr. Macke did say that he found the content of that posting “interesting“, he went on to also say it was “fabricated“; that is to say, that it was made up with the intent to deceive someone.  And with this, I take a particular exception.

What Mr. Macke doesn’t know or understand about me, or the Jefferson County Beer Party, is that what I post is a written narrative of my personal opinion regarding various topics.  Yes, a certain portion of what I discuss comes from things I see within the news media, but the bulk of what I talk about is my perception of what I learn when simply talking to people.  I don’t “make up” anything, and to accuse me of doing so is a cheap shot.  Especially when it comes from someone who I don’t especially care for in the first place even though I’ve never met the man.  Last I heard, I still have a right to my own opinion on various matters, and to express that opinion as I deem appropriate.

Port Arthur News

In the more than two decades I’ve made Port Arthur, Texas, my home, I have to say it didn’t take me real long to figure out that the Port Arthur News is little more than a mouthpiece for city government.  Basically what this means is that the Port Arthur News reports on those things that city government wants you to know.  This allows our city government to remain quite secretive with regard to such things as City Council members who run up excessive travel expenses and other shenanigans most people would think odd or question.

The real difference between Macke and me is that I talk to people out on the street.  To me, learning what people are thinking, and why, is the heartbeat of the community; and, is something you can’t possibly know of if you’re parked on your bee-hind all day in a fancy office setting.  Macke, because he obviously takes his orders from city government and its benefactor, Carl Parker, hasn’t a clue what people are thinking, why they think that way, or what can be done to change their opinions.  But when something pops up that obviously sets off a nerve, as did Angel Sn Juan’s report, then he (et al) are real quick to set up and browbeat the tar out of whomever hs had the gall to speak outright.  This is basically what he did to me via these emails, and I don’t appreciate it one single bit.

On a personal note to Mr. Macke, allow me to say that your second email also went on to inform me how your figures have all increased, etc.  Personally I could care less.  I don’t find it surprising because considering the newspaper all but tanked a couple of years ago, almost anything would be an improvement.

And one more thing.  In Macke’s third email he stated, “I know who you are.”  A lot of people would consider that a threat, but I don’t.  That’s because I don’t think you have any idea who I am.  Sure you may have my name, and you might even have my address.  But that’s about the extent of your knowledge of me because were you to actually know me better, you wouldn’t have accused me of “fabricating” what I write.

The fact is Mr. Macke, I really don’t care one bit whether you continue to follow the Jefferson County Beer Party, or not.  Nor do I care if you agree or disagree with whatever I put into print if you do decide to continue following it.  I welcome any comments you may have.  All you have to do is become a registered member of WordPress and send me an email.  Once I’ve had a chance to relieve it, and remove all the filthy language, I’ll be happy to publish it adjacent to whatever posting your referring to.  But also let me say that if you find yourself in any way offended with my content, then also feel free to quit following it altogether.

Have a nice day, Mr. Macke!

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