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It’s the opinion of the Jefferson County Beer Party that the Port Arthur Mayor Derrick Freeman, along with Port Arthur Chief of Police Patrick Melvin, to allay the fears of unfair treatment by local law enforcement with regard to the illegal immigration issue was nothing more than a way for Freeman to garner more votes from within the Hispanic community.  Considering the threat of losing both state and federal funds if Port Arthur is declared a “sanctuary city”, it would be beyond my wildest imagination Freeman would be so stupid as to take steps to force the hands of Texas Governor Abbot and President Trump.

I recently received an email from an old friend of mine who had moved from the Beaumont area first to Florida, and then to southern New Jersey.  I had contacted him to see how adversely the recent snowstorm had affected him.  His response sort of put a lot of things into perspective:

It seems wherever we move, the bad weather follows.  Lucky for us, it was an all rain event here in South Jersey.  As for my friends and family further north 30+ inches was the norm.  An amazing amount of snow.  What would make it all melt?  Only the stagnant, hot air of our good friend, Philip Klein.  Cheers!

Well said, my friend.  Well said …

Funny thing!  I’ve voted in darned near every election since I was old enough to vote, and my favored candidate didn’t always win.  The difference is that although I was disappointed that my favored candidate didn’t sin the election, I didn’t throw a major temper tantrum, riot in the streets of America, destroy personal and business property, or embark on a campaign to discredit the winner of that election.  Hell, many of the violent protesters didn’t even vote in this election.  Now what does that tell you?  And let’s hope the people of the Congressional districts that elected the Democrats in Congress to represent them, and who are more than adequately demonstrating that representing their political party is far more important than representing their constituents, remember their childish tactics and vote these people right the hell out of office when they come up for re-election.  And, too, I hope the Americans who realize that slaughter campaign being conducted by the mainstream media terminate their affiliation with all the offending members.  Maybe if that segment of the mainstream media takes a serious enough hit in their pocketbooks, they’ll realize there’s a huge difference between reporting news and their presentations consisting of little more than conjecture, commentary and opinion as allegedly news.

Ready for it?  President Trump has released his proposed budget and very soon every single special interest group will have their representatives crying and whining how their programs are being defunded, and that the United States of America simply cannot do without them.   However, with a nation close to $20 trillion in debt, something has to give.  President Trump is working to “Make American Great Again”.  This means some things are going to have to be cut in order to make way for other, more important programs.  I’ve already noticed several areas that will directly affect me, but I think I’m American enough to learn to live without some things while this nation gets back on its feet.  Too bad so many others don’t feel this way.  Maybe that’s a problem that can’t be fixed in this “Gimme” generation.

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