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Addendum to the Turmoil in Port Arthur

Well, there’s been somewhat of an official response to the news surrounding certain high-ranking officers in the Port Arthur Police Department (if you can call it that).  Questions are being raised whether case investigations conducted by those named in the affidavit may have been incorrectly handled, if they were even handled at all.

PAPD taking closer look at past cases after high-ranking officers accused of negligence

The report, presented by Peter Eliopoulos of KFDM 6 News, didn’t really say much of anything; and, people are wondering what, if anything, will be scrutinized?  In other words, it sounds like Chief Melvin is simply trying to smooth things over with rhetoric much in the same way as did now ex-City Councilman Bob Williamson.  You remember Councilman Williamson, don’t you?  The King of Schmooze, aka “Schmoozie“?  Ask a question and get an answer that hasn’t a damned thing to do with the question asked.  Well, that’s the way I feel about this so-called official response issued by Port Arthur Chief of Police Melvin.

I don’t know Chief Melvin, nor do I want to if he’s going to be yet another extension of that “good ol’ boy” way of doing things here in Port Arthur by keeping the public in the dark about just how sloppy the police work around this town has actually become over time.  Frankly I don’t know how anyone could even begin to think everything in the Port Arthur Police Department is on the up-and-up.  It’s gotten so bad in the eyes of the public than many people now being the only thing the PAPD protects and serves is itself.

I would love to have the opportunity to discuss these and other matters with Chief Melvin, the Texas Ranger being brought in to investigate, or anyone else in authority who might just be working to try to get things back on-line around here.  Somehow, though I seriously doubt any such meetings will ever come into reality.  After this gets published, I’ll be right back to being accused once again of hating cops.  It isn’t true, but that never stopped those who like to toss this crap around from tossing it far the last time around.

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