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No Credibility Whatsoever


Somewhere along the line, the mainstream news media forgot its primary job is to report news.  Throughout the recent presidential campaigns, about all the mainstream news media could be counted on reporting was little more than conjecture, or a commentary or the opinion of the respective report’s author.  Too many times, the mainstream news media found itself backtracking because something previously published was found untrue.  And the growing suspicion that the mainstream news media has lost its credibility perpetuated by its use of material obtained from “anonymous sources“, or “sources not authorized to comment“.   Many people saw these so-called “sources” as nothing more than evidence the reporter either didn’t take the time to confirm the information acquired, or was just too damned lazy to do their job appropriately.  Consider the statement issued by Denzel Washington:

Denzel Washington blasts media for selling ‘BS’

An example of the outright lies and misinformation the mainstream news media has spread can best be described in a report relating to the comments posted into Facebook by St. Charles Parish (Louisiana) Sheriff Greg Champagne, who is the President of the Nation Sheriff Association, following his visit to the pipeline construction dispute in North Dakota:

Louisiana sheriff shares testimony from North Dakota experience

Simply stated, what the media had been reporting as having taken place during the protests were in no way what actually was going on up there.  These weren’t just a bunch of native Americans protesting the construction of the pipeline, the group included a number of outsiders who came for no other reason than to destroy equipment and cause physical harm to others.  Much in the same way that Black Lives Matter marches end up becoming violent, and include the burning or looting of businesses, because violent outsiders come in to cause the mayhem. This perspective was reported in a recent issue of Western Journalism:

Media Promoting False Narrative About Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

These days, much of the uproar seems to have to do with accusations that “fake news” caused Hillary Clinton to lose the presidential election, and Donald Trump win.  Hearing all the alleged reports of who is supposedly responsible for the spread of fake news, over and above the general hatred of damned near everyone and everything in social media, one soon gets the idea that if the mainstream news media has its way, the only sources of “news” we’ll be allowed to have is the mainstream news media itself.  And by the way, if you’d like to know just how stupid and gullible the mainstream news media thinks people like you and me are, then read the following:

Where’s the outrage over Obama’s fake news peddling?

I’m not about to tell you who you have to have faith in, or not.  All I’m going to say is that I’ve had enough of the crap coming out of the mainstream news media and have taken steps to remove myself from following much of it.  As I seek out new sources of information, I’m paying close attention to what is being reported about, how the features are written and what message becomes clear those reports trying to deliver.  No more of the Big Boys!  I seriously doubt they even have an idea what the word “credibility” even means any more.

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