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Crybabies & Whiners

Hillary Clinton sat on a wall;

Hillary Clinton had a great fall (lost the election).

All the kings horses (the media),

And all the king’s men (George Soros),

Couldn’t put Hillary together again.

Not only did Hillary Clinton lose the election (she conceded defeat), but the Democratic Party lost control not only of the White House, but also Congress.  The people of this nation wanted and demanded change, and they got it.  What we’re left with are a bunch of crybabies and whiners unhappy their candidate didn’t win, and part of the political establishment reeling from the loss of ability to dictate how people in this country have to live while ignoring the needs of the nation and the will of those people.

Back in 2000, when Bush defeated Gore as the then President of the United States, where was all the crying and whining seen these days?  Where were all the traffic blockades in various cities?  Why weren’t there any reports of innocent people being dragged from their passing vehicles only to be half beaten to death by protesters?  Why weren’t places of business being burned and looted?  And where was all the massive damage and destruction of both public and private property?  Oh, and why weren’t there any reports of people coming away from political rallies only to have to be confronted by groups of face-covered thugs and hooligans who sucker-punched the, beat them and damaged their vehicles?  The fact is, American was still civilized back then and such behavior was all but non-existent.

So who do we blame for this unorthodox behavior?  We can start with the political establishment (Democrats and Republicans) who didn’t want an outsider into the race who they couldn’t control.  After all, they had become quite good at controlling not only who was in the White House, but how their various people in Congress behaved as well.  For roughly sixty years, the needs of the nation and the will of the people were all but ignored in favor of kissing up to special interest groups and driving our national debt towards $2 trillion dollars.

While we’re at it, let us not forget how the national news media stepped up to the plate favoring Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.  Never mind many Americans realized the bias taking place, it became more important to fill publications and media reports with each and every word Trump said scrutinized like no other, digging back numbers of years looking for anything that could damage Trump and his reputation.  It sure is funny how none of this attention was given to Clinton and her misgivings.

New poll shows high number of voters recognized and rejected Democratic media bias

If anyone can be held accountable for the divides in the American people, it has to be the national media that seems to have forgotten its responsibility is to report news; not opinion with no other purpose than to generate discord not only among voters, but the American people as well.  For all practical purposes, the professional media has lost its credibility with an awful lot of Americans.  And well it should have.

Simply stated, as the rest of the world watches, these protesters and demonstrators are little more than a bunch of disenchanted, free-loading, spoiled brats who mommy and daddy ought to take off their payroll, brought home, spanked and taught some respect for the rights of others.  And, maybe having a few of their mouths washed out with soap would change their minds regarding their deplorable language, too.

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