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Winners, Losers & Sour Grapes


The opry is finally over with the fat lady having sung her aria that Donald Trump is the new President-elect of the United States.  Unfortunately there are Americans (and a few bunches of people in this country illegally who proclaim themselves Americans) who are deeply upset their preferred candidate didn’t win the election and have chosen to make their disdain known by demonstrating, blocking traffic, dragging innocent people from their vehicles to beat them half to death because its assumed they voted for Trump, and destroying public and private property.  So much for democracy.

I didn’t like Obama and didn’t vote for him.  However. the difference between me an those who oppose the election of Donald Trump is that at least I was willing to give Obama the respect he was due and give him a chance to improve the American experience.  These people want Trump assassinated, his family murdered in cold blood and him stricken from the Presidency.  They are heathens, thugs and cold-blooded killers.  And these are the same people who will someday lead America path toward annihilation and destruction.  All because their greedy, self-centered, self-serving persona want everything for themselves … at the sole expense of others.  We cal them, “freeloaders“!

It’s a shame that I, even as an American born and raised in this country to American parents, have to fear going into most of the major cities because I can (a) become the victim of a random shooting because of a drug deal gone bad, (b) die at the hands of some street punk who thinks he’s a man because he can sucker-punch me into oblivion, (c) get dragged out of vehicle and beaten to death only because my skin is white and a variety of other allegedly justified reasons why I shouldn’t be allowed to live.  Rest assured that I won’t soon be visiting (much less passing through) any more large American cities anytime soon if I can at all help it.

And one more thing.  Frankly I don’t give a damned whether you agree with me, or not.  Have something productive to say, then say it.  Otherwise shut the hell up and take your petty hatred elsewhere.

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