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I Wish I Had Written This


Musings Of An Average Joe:  OPINION:  Don’t Be Afraid Of President Trump

Well, I’ll be damned!  You mean to tell me there is someone else out there in America who actually agrees with me?  Gee, I really wish I had written this editorial because the fact is it contains many of the things I’ve been saying to people throughout this messy, insulting, name-calling, accusatory election campaign.  Maybe not directly here in the Jefferson County Beer Party, but openly in public; and, sometimes precipitating an argument with one of our forever-loyal, card-carrying local Democrats.

I strongly urge each and every person who follows or simply visits the Jefferson County Beer Party to read this opinion published by Fox News.  Granted, Fox News isn’t one of my favorite sources for news and information because I view it as being every bit as much biased and unfair as do I much of the rest of the professional news media; and, this includes members of our local media as well.  But what this editorial’s author, Joe Bilello, states is almost verbatim what I have been saying forever.  And Mr. Bilello says it so eloquently!

So, if you will, please take the time to click on the link provided above and read the comments stated in this editorial.  You still have a little time left before having to cast your ballot in this election (You ARE going to vote, aren’t you?) and this may give you some insights that obviously the national news media was either too biased, or unwilling, to let you be aware of throughout the preceding several months.


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