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Lo and Behold!

Port Arthur Public Library

Port Arthur Public Library

How come now ex-Port Arthur Mayor Delores “Bobbie” Prince can stand out on a sidewalk in front of the Port Arthur Library promoting certain candidates seeking election to public office when she couldn’t make so much as a statement to the people of Port Arthur when something dramatic took place in the city?  Where was she all those times when something happened that the citizens would expect at least a minimal statement regarding it would be issued by the leader of the community?  Was there any truth to the rumors that at those times she was hiding out at home, or out-of-town (probably at taxpayer expense), or perhaps she had more of her infamous “anxiety attacks” than people knew about?

Whatever.  From my personal experience, I can tell you she is every bit as bitchy and brassy as she was throughout her terms as Mayor.  Once demeaning and insulting; always demeaning and insulting.  Now that’s the Mayor Prince I’ll always remember.

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