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Come Hell or High Water

I’m voting for Trump.  Not so much because I like everything about him, but because I like Hillary Clinton even less.  You see, I’m one of the Americans who recognizes this country has to effect some very serious changes if there is to be reasonable expectation of it remaining a nation.  I also recognize that for more that six decades, the political establishment in this country (i.e., the Democratic and Republican National Committees) consider the American people as little more than votes to elect or re-elect favored candidates, and as a perpetual supply of tax dollars that can be spent on (2) themselves, (b) special interests that tend to fatten the pockets and lifestyles of the political establishment, or (c) special interests and foreign governments they feel pose a threat to their control over not only the White House, but Congress as well.  We the people of the United States of American mean absolutely nothing to them, and this is evidenced by their demonstrated willingness to ignore both meeting the needs of our nation and the will of its people.

I’m also disgusted and disappointed with our national news media.  Since the very onset of the presidential election campaign, and especially when Donald Trump announced his candidacy, word came out that both the DNC and RNC were applying influence on the media to “destroy Trump“.  It is assumed much of this was at the behest of the Clinton campaign, and because Trump quickly rose to popularity as he “spoke the language of the people“.  And it soon became apparent that the national news media was following those instructions as they fact-checked almost every word Trump uttered, all the while all but ignoring the case again Hillary Clinton and her email scandal.  In my opinion, the credibility of the national news media isn’t only in doubt, it’s completely destroyed and I have no faith in it whatsoever to report even the news relating to other things truthfully and in an unbiased manner.

This election is no longer about who is running, or what one candidate or the other could possibly do for the country.  What we have is nothing more than a he said, she said battle of wits, accusations and innuendo.  So much so that the average American now literally doesn’t give a hoot who wins because neither has demonstrated a willingness to resolve he issues facing our nation, and are much more interested in leveling complaints, crying and whining about their opposition.

Nope, I’m voting for Trump if (for no other reason) because I dislike him less than I dislike Hillary Clinton.  Furthermore, I’m voting for him because I understand that even if he would become out next president, the likelihood of him accomplishing anything for the nation itself is most unlikely because the political establishment has already poisoned his chances of accomplishing anything because of the influence upon Congress itself to oppose him.  A president without the cooperation of Congress is about as useless and effective as tits on a bull.

But you do what you want to do.  I’m not telling you who to or not to vote for.  That’s your responsibility.  The difference is that I consider you intelligent enough to make your own decisions; something the political establishment thinks you incapable of.

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