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What if someone attends the Port Arthur Mardi Gras, or Nederland Heritage Festival, or the Port Neches RiverFest, or perhaps even the Groves Pecan Festival, carrying with them a backpack laden with highly explosive materials and shrapnel capable of killing or seriously injuring dozens, if not hundreds, of innocent men, women and children?  Or maybe carrying a large diaper bag with a small child in tow.  And what if this person, someone with no ties to the community or advanced warning posted into social media, then moves into an area where the most people have congregated and detonates the explosives in the backpack or bag sending deadly shrapnel in every direction?  What then?

The “what then” is really quite easy to define.  Not only will this attack send shockwaves throughout the community, it will also do so throughout much of the rest of the nation as people slowly begin to realize that the United States of America is no longer the safe haven that so many see it as.  Preventable?  Probably not, and especially true if the perpetrator is destroyed right along with anyone else in the proximity of the initial explosion.  How do you determine even DNA when blood and body parts are mixed in with those of other victims?

Think this isn’t possible, or even probable?  Guess again.



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