A Voice in Southeast Texas

From the Administrator:


This is the Jefferson County Beer Party; a VOICE for the people of Jefferson County, Texas, to have their cares, concerns, comments and opinions presented in a way that invites discussion, commentary and debate with others.  The editorial content published here in the Jefferson County Beer Party is often the result of listening to people talk out on the street, or in gathering places throughout Jefferson County, Texas.  Other content published is submitted to the Jefferson County Beer Party for publication by those with something they want to say publicly.

My name is MJ Ponsegrau and for all practical purposes I am the Jefferson County Beer Party.  I am also the Administrator of the Jefferson County Beer party and am responsible for the content which is published herein.  I’ve recently become aware that some of the “sources” I use to acquire information have been knowingly, willingly and deliberately misleading to in a way that has resulted in opinions contrary to those of the rest of our community.  It’s been said that when a lie is repeated often enough, people will begin believing it a truth.  There is a very fine line between falsehoods and truth, and it’s most embarrassing that I have to admit I’ve allowed myself to promote what has now been deemed unethical agendas.  Steps are being taken, however, to prevent this from happening again.


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