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From the Administrator:


This is the Jefferson County Beer Party.  We all know there is a huge difference between what we are told by our elected public officials, as well as those they appoint to important government and administrative positions, and what is all too often learned otherwise from other sources when it’s too late to do anything about it.  The goal of the Jefferson County Beer Party is to bring these matters out into the open where they can be discussed among the people who call Jefferson County, Texas, home.

The editorial content published here in the Jefferson County Beer Party is often the result of listening to people talk out on the street, or in gathering places throughout Jefferson County, Texas.  Other content published is submitted to the Jefferson County Beer Party for publication by those with something they want to say publicly.  However, inasmuch as unsubstantiated allegations, hearsay, innuendo and rumors may be popular topics in general conversation, there is a very good chance they won’t be published in this venue unless clearly identified as such.  For the most part, editorials are the opinions of the Editor … ME!

My name is MJ Ponsegrau and for all practical purposes I am the Jefferson County Beer Party.  You must be a WordPress member in order to post into the Jefferson County Beer Party, and this is required as a safety protection to ward off hackers and other troublemakers.  After all, this isn’t conventional social media like Facebook and others.  All comments and other responses are subject to my approval prior to publication; although very little is ever really rejected.  Those seeking to contact the Jefferson County Beer Party independently may do so via email at:  CountyBeerParty@gmail.com.


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